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How to replace instrument lights on a 2001 Sport Trac.

Discussion in 'Tips and Technical Info posted by Technician's' started by Twobeers, May 4, 2008.

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    1. Twobeers

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      April 30, 2005
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      2001 Super Trac
      Refer to this link for pics.
      You will need basically 2 or 3 tools, 7mm socket with extension & 8mm for the metal piece under the steering wheel.
      1/Remove the plastic piece under the steering wheel along with the hood release thingee. Note, the plastic piece won't come out until you remove the hood dohickee.
      2/Loosen the top 2 screws on the metal thing about 5 turrns, loosen the other 3 about 2 turns or so.
      3/Remove the upper 3 screws of the instrument cluster bezel. Remove the lower 2 screws by pulling down slightly on the metal thing.
      4/Remove the 2 screws under the radio. Pull the plastic thing off of the radio and let hang by the wires.
      5/Set parking brake, insert key and unlock steering, shift to 1st. Remove the cover from the instrument cluster by bringing the right side out first, up and over the steering column.
      6/Remove the 4 screws at the corners of the instrument cluster. Gently pull the instrument cluster by wiggling and twisting genly slightly out left side only. Its only going to come out about 6-8".
      7/Roll down drivers window, get out. Place lower plastic piece partly on the seat and let the left side hang by the wires.
      8/By standing next to the vehicle you should be able to easily reach behind the instrument cluster and replace whatever lamps you wish to replace without disconnecting anything.
      9/Reassmeble in reverse order. Send beer to me. Send tips to Explorer forums.

      Disclaimer, No live animals were used or injured in the making of this post.:D:chug:
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