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How to turn your stock ac compressor into onboard air

Discussion in 'Offroad Accessories' started by colindo94, July 15, 2007.

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    1. colindo94

      colindo94 Well-Known Member

      September 1, 2006
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      Cameron Park, CA
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      94' XLT
      I ended up using the stock AC compressor on my first gen into an onboard air setup. It pumps really well and i'm happy with whatI came up with. Here is the link to the other tread I started that helped me out a bit http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=190436

      I started out by finding a holding tank. I got mine at Ace hardware and it holds 5 gallons. 5 gallons is kinda big, but I figured bigger is better. I mounted it above my rear axle. Fit perfect and is out of the way of everything.

      Next I went back and forth to the hardware store until I could find all the fittings and hardware. Heres a list of things I used.
      -one way check valve
      -brass T
      -small filter
      -tool oiler
      -pressure switch (85-125psi)
      -water/air seperator
      -o to three manifold
      -150psi pop off valve
      -50ft 3/8" air hose
      -a ton of hose clamps
      -pressure gage
      -wire, relay, switch
      -and many other little fittings to hook it all together

      Once I had all the parts I assembled the manifold so i could figure out were to mount it. By manifold I mean all these parts put together. I did it like this, on the intake side of the compressor it went filter, tool oiler, compressor. On the output side it went check valve, water/air seperator, pressure switch, 1 to 3 manifold, pop off valve, gage, then it goes back to the tank. On a side note the intake is the side that ges to the firewall and the output is the side that goes to the grill.

      here are some pics

      Once I had the manifold all put together I mounted it with some zip ties behind the drivers side headlight. Then I ran the hoses. One goes to the front bumper and one to the rear.
      You can run the hoses however you want. Once I make some bumpers I will mount the disconnects a little different.

      Now that everything is all plumed up you must wire in a switch and pressure switch. Starting at the switch on the dash I grounded it, ran a wire to the relay, and one to the power. The relay has a ground also, wire to compressor, wire to power. Ground the other wire on compressor. Put the pressure switch in line with the wire that goes from the compressor to the relay.
      Its the switch on the left.

      Now test it and go wheelin

      any questsions, please ask
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    3. ProjectAviator

      ProjectAviator Active Member

      February 19, 2006
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      SE, WY
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      2014 XLT 4x4
      good write up. I am working on using the factory air suspension pump from my 96 Limited on my 95 Ex. Just working out the details.

      I may just use the A/C compressor like you did. 1 I don't use my ac in it much if all. 2 it is going more and more off road friendly.


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