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Irregular idle and stalling

Discussion in 'UK Explorer Owners Forum' started by Ashley31, November 17, 2017.

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    1. Ashley31

      Ashley31 New Member

      November 13, 2017
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      1997 4.0 SOHC Explorer
      Hi very recently my 97 explorer 4.0l it will start first time, then idling up an down until it’s warm but then after turning it off it just won’t start it keeps turning and turning and it stinks of fuel, plugged into a obd reader and it showing the temp coolant at 286degrees!!!! Surely this isn’t right haha, so I figured maybe faulty ECT sensor (worth noting as well the gauge in the car barely moves reads way below cold then when it’s warm moves into just above cold which I figured it’s working it’s just out, anyone else as anything similar and did you fix a cheaper fix

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    3. Howard

      Howard Moderator Elite Explorer Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      May 17, 2002
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      Milton Keynes
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      1998 SOHC UK SPEC
      Sounds like the thermostat has failed open and the sensor has failed. Also check for intake manifold leaks.

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