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It's possible to replace the 4405 4WD transfer with a 4404 AWD transfer case???

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by gerardo1601, December 29, 2010.

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    1. gerardo1601

      gerardo1601 New Member

      March 13, 2008
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      Maracaibo, Zulia
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      1997 XLT
      Excuse me for this dumb question:), but my 4405 is emitting scary noises from the inside, a mounth ago i replace the rear output seal, and 15 days ago this is broken again and i noticed that the output rear shaft is tend to move sideways, tomorrow i will go to disarm the entire transfer case (thanks to glacier991 for his perfect post about this), the problem is the next, in venezuela, nobody sells rebuild kits or the entire new transfer case, only a few old and dirty ones, the only fix available is the internal bearings and the seals, but searching i find a 4404 at very low price and the owner not know what transfer is:D, he send me a picture and its to be identical to the 4404... tomorrow i will inform to all of you what happened with my 4405:salute:
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    3. daisyrocky

      daisyrocky Active Member

      December 31, 2007
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      1995 Ford Explorer
      You're not going to get much or any response at all about this transfer case. I was in the same situation you had on your transfer case and since no one response to your question like they did me. I just pick one up and open it up and transfer the guts and eyeball the measurements and went for it. It cost me sixty dollars all together with the newer front driveshaft. And all I did was take half of a newer 4405 case and all it guts and chain, gears and half of the older 4405 case and put it together and it work like a charm. I even used the newer chain and most of the stuffs off the newer tc and it seems works perfect. I also found out the tc I brought was a rebuilt from a wrecked Ex because the wires were cut and retaped and all the guts were shiny and clean. I even transfer the bearing and seal to the older case because it was so new and clean. No more horrible noise or anything and transmission seems to shift better too. If they have a 4405 for sale cheap, just open it up and you can see what is bad and good inside easily and just use the good parts and hopefully the case is in good shape. Just follow "Glacier diary" like I did and use common sense and you should be OK. When I get no responses or help I just went for it and if it doesn't work I'll be losing 60.00 only and learn something new. But lucky this time it works perfectly. Sometimes it's a do or die situation to get it done yourself even though you never done it before and hopes it works out or pay the 500.00 and up price to get a rebuilt one. Read my latest post and you should see a pic of it.
      Good luck!:thumbsup:
      Last edited: December 31, 2010

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