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Keyless Entry (Securicode) Door Pad Not working

Discussion in '2011-2016 My Ford Touch / In Vehicle Technology' started by karebear865, June 18, 2014.

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    1. Spartan417

      Spartan417 New Member

      December 26, 2017
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      2011 Explorer Limited
      Hello all. I just recently found this forum and was looking for some help.
      My 2011 Explorer Limited keypad has been on the fritz! It’ll lock just fine light up just fine but when it comes to unlocking forget about it!!
      So far 2 dealers have said I’m out of warranty and they can’t help unless I first buy their magical warranty which will then give them the blessings of working on it for me.
      Has anybody been able to get this working properly for the least amount and hassle??
      Thanks in advance!!
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    3. peterk9

      peterk9 Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      December 28, 2010
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      Ottawa, Ontario area
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      2017 Explorer Platinum
      Welcome to the Forum.:wave:
      There is absolutely no need to buy a warranty to have this fixed. It is just like anything else that breaks down. Any dealer can do a diagnostic on it, which you pay for, and determine what is wrong with the pad. Some members have replaced it themselves but it does include removing the inner portion of the 'B' pillar if I recall correctly.
      I have moved your thread to this existing one which has a post (#109) with a link on replacing it.


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