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Malfunction Warnings Galore Please HELP!!

Discussion in 'Computers, Chips & Tuning' started by ladybirdt, April 24, 2017.

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    1. ladybirdt

      ladybirdt New Member

      April 24, 2017
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      shelby township, MI
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      2011 Explorer Ltd 4x4
      I have a 2011 Explorer Limited 4x4. When I start the car a malfunction warning comes up -

      1) Collision Warning Malfunction - after I noticed it I took to mechanic ad he replaced the sensor
      Now I am getting a
      2) Collision warning disabled message and neither the Adaptive Cruise Control or Normal Cruise control will work and I am super frustrated. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
      3) Also my remote start is not working at all

      Any possible way to disconnect the ACC and Collision sensor and just use good ol regular cruise control?

      Please help me I am in tears, I am so discouraged. I've never bought a Ford and I tell you after this, I am done, I will never buy another Ford again. I bought this car used as is and checked it before buying and everything was fine, until about a week later. I bought it for the cruise control and 5000 lbs towing package but too afraid to do anything with it now.
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    3. Bobbylew

      Bobbylew Elite Explorer

      April 16, 2014
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      Pisek, ND
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      1994 Explorer XLT
      These problems are really frustrating. What did your mechanic do as far as diagnosis before he replaced the sensor? A lot of guys start "throwing parts" at the problem, hoping that will fix it.

      If you have the resources (Money), take it to a Ford dealer who has the factory level scan tools, get it diagnosed by a competent technician and hope they can repair it.

      As far as buying a Ford, Chrysler or GM product, you'll run into similar problems. Just about any brand, domestic or foreign, can develop this garbage.

      I think you'd be better off taking it to a good dealer and have them do some decent diagnoses.

      Best of luck.

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