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Manual to Electric Fan Conversion, any kits?

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by Todd82TA, January 1, 2013.

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    1. Todd82TA

      Todd82TA Active Member

      June 21, 2009
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      South Florida
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      2002 Explorer Sport 4x2
      Hey guys,

      I've got a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport (same as the 95-01 frame). It's got a mechanical fan, which works perfectly, but I'd love to swap it out for an electric fan. I realize there's not too much involved in it... basically a relay, a fan shroud / electric fan, some wiring, and a temperature sensor.

      But my question is, is there anyone out there that offers a conversion kit for this? I've done some searching, but aside from some relatively generic kits on eBay, there doesn't seem to be anything that's specific to the Ford Explorer. I certainly don't mean this as a criticism to the "community" as you guys have been very helpful in the past, but I'm really shocked that there isn't a store out there that provides a 100% complete conversion kit for our year?

      I'm dealing with the same issues with my 2002 Ford Crown Victoria LX. I've got a bunch of performance parts that I've installed on the car, but they've all been OEM parts from other Ford vehicles that I've more or less determined on my own that they've fit.

      It's odd because in comparison, my 73 VW Bus, or my 1987 Pontiac Fiero, there are entire stores that deal specifically with parts, and entire conversion / upgrade kits for these cars. Like on my Fiero, there's The Fiero Store (http://www.fierostore.com) and I can basically completely restore my Fiero from the ground up with everything I need, and there's basically a replacement kit for anything I could possibly want to upgrade.

      I've found a few posts on here where people were asking similar things and had performed their own modifications... but I was just surprised that someone didn't take it upon themselves to try a bunch of fan shrouds to see which one fit (basically) perfectly, and then sell it with custom brackets and a completely new wiring harness kit with instructions and screws / hardware. Honestly, I'd do it myself, but with school, my family, work, there's just no way that I'd have time. But I know that at similar times in my life, I did have time but was less affluently capable.

      So I guess there are two questions here:

      1 - Are there any kits, and if not, what's the best fan shroud / assembly to use and...

      2 - Why is there no Ford Explorer Store or something?

      Again, love you guys, and I love my Ford Explorer... so not trying to rock the boat.

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