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New member forum registration error field not recognized

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box - Forum Feedback' started by Auspuff, November 17, 2017.

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    1. Auspuff

      Auspuff New Member

      November 16, 2017
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      1998 XLT 4L SOHC 4WD
      I was trying to register for the forum yesterday, obviously I succeeded, but not without a puzzling error which slowed me down.

      I was successful when I registered using a different browser program (Vivaldi) than the one I was currently using (Chrome) with a bunch of tabs showing different forum pages. Clearing cookies and restarting the browser might also work. I didn't try that myself.

      The first two fields (name and email) showed a message "The field xxxxxxxxxxx was not recognised", and if I continued anyway and clicked submit, the page returned a list of several more errors which I can't remember. I saved a screenshot of the initial errors but I can't find the upload button to display it. A bit strange, I was able to do that yesterday in a different post.

      I tried to search the forum for registration instructions but didn't find anything specific about the error, hence this post, in case other prospective members encounter a similar issue.

      I also found this link which might be relevant to forum admin ...

      The field '53dac53bcf058071683f83b2e5fe40c7' was not recognised.
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    3. Rick

      Rick Pumpkin Pilot Staff Member Admin Elite Explorer

      February 8, 1999
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      Wayoutin, Aridzona
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      '93 XL Pumpkin Edition
      I just registered with two different browsers, Chrome and Safari. No problem with either.

      Also, we are not running the add-on which is mentioned in the link you posted.

      Not sure what the glitch was, but we have a few dozen people register each day, this is the first I've heard of any issue.

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