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Oils for the Ecoboost 2017

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by veener79, June 20, 2017.

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    1. veener79

      veener79 New Member

      May 12, 2017
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      2017 Explorer Platinum
      Coming form owning a WRX and reading up a lot about oil and oil sheer from the higher temps it got me thinking about the Explorer. For the WRX I run the Shell Rotella 6T because it can hold higher temps from when the turbo heats up with out sheer. I do track my car at times. In part what helps in the higher zinc content. Also running the 5w/40 vs the 5w/30. I even have to run OEM oil filters because aftermarket ones do not have the current bypass pressure for the turbos need over the NA. Yes Subaru's are that fun at times.

      But I know the higher zinc is not great for cats. Is there a better oil to run on the Ecoboost engines verses running on a NA motor? Was going to run full synthetic. I am not sure how how hot the turbos run on the Ecoboost. Its not like I am going to track it. Right now on my WRX I have 144K on the stock turbo. Want to keep that same high life in the Explorer.

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    3. MotorCityFats13

      MotorCityFats13 Active Member

      January 25, 2015
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      Flatrock MI
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      2007 Explorer XLT 4.0L
      id just run what ford recommends because off warranty those little turbos are quite expensive but its a good idea to install an oil catch can to keep those intake valves clean from coking from pcv gasses

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