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OTC Rear Jackshaft Socket 303-634

Discussion in 'Tips and Technical Info posted by Technician's' started by 2stroke, June 20, 2017.

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    1. 2stroke

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      August 7, 2013
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      1993 Ford Explorer Sport
      For some reason, I never found a good post about this tool. Its so simple, yet its $90+ and nobody will rent it out. I built my own in less than an hour with a Bridgeport, and a tig welder. I used stainless steel only because that's the tube I had at the right diameter. I would guess any steel pipe would work. The outside diameter of the pipe should be 1.500", and I cut it off 2" long. That feels perfect on my engine. A thick walled pipe would be best. The jackshaft has 8 "grooves", however, you do not need all of them. The Ford tool had 4 "teeth", and the OTC had 6. I used a 1/4" end mill, and milling 6 or 8 teeth would be tough, unless you had an even smaller end mill. The teeth on mine are 0.250" wide, and while they fit well, you could probably go a little bigger, maybe 0.270". I went 0.150" deep, and that seems like enough. I then welded on a good 12" handle, and I saved myself $90.


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