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Planning a V8 swap in my 93 sport 4x4 5spd

Discussion in 'Modified 1991-1994 Explorers' started by xplorernewb, December 16, 2017.

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    1. xplorernewb

      xplorernewb Active Member

      May 6, 2014
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      washington state
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      91 ford explorer sport
      Well here it goes - I have a 1993 sport 4x4 equipped with oem motor and suspension components, m5r1. I've rebuilt the front end minus springs, shocks, sway bar, body mounts (which I'm going to do with the lift). I had bought new progressive springs before I decided to put the v8 in, but read that I'd need a 2 inch lift in order for the 302 to fit properly.

      I also have a wrecked 90s f150, equipped with a rebuilt (roller) 302 4x4 5 speed standard cab that I'm going to use as the donor.

      Now, what I've read is that I can achieve this 2 inch lift by using f150 coil seats and modifications to the rear. The rear end will have disc brakes and new gears once I get the 302 and the lift installed. I haven't bought anything for the actual engine conversion, yet, or the rear end.

      Finally, what I'm saying is - where I live I have horrible internet service, and I'm using a phone to research, so I need help with what to do about the suspension (I'll be surprised if this even posts) so please don't slam me for not using the search bar, cause I've been trying that route for the last few years ha

      Do I use the progressive springs with the f150 spring seats, or buy other springs? Which shocks should I use for the front and back? What would you do for the rear (on the cheap but safely) to achieve lift? I like a stiff suspension... Any other advice is welcome at this point.. Thanks in advance..
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    3. roscoe 0202

      roscoe 0202 Elite Explorer

      February 3, 2014
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      salt lake city utah
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      1999 explorer sport
      engine compartment is identical to broncoII so lots of info on v8 swap.the f150 trans is probably a m5r2 I think I read somewhere you could change tailshaft housing to the r1 that opens the transfer case option to all kinds of possibilities since it should 6 bolt round like jeep or big ford.
      good luck.
    4. Rhett

      Rhett Let Them Eat Cake Elite Explorer

      May 13, 2000
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      Cape Girardeau, MO
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      94 Sport 4x4
      If you want to install a 2" suspension lift anyway, that's fine -- but it's not required for any 302 swap I've ever seen into BII/Ranger/1st gen Ex.
      Now, it does help to have a 1" body lift...helps with clearance at the pan especially if you're 4WD, and transmission tunnel.

      Progressive springs are used on the James Duff lift kits I believe. I've never ridden in one of their lifts so I can't comment on it. I really like the ride on my Skyjacker 132X (it's a 1.5" - 2" lift spring) with Rancho 9000 shocks. It's not a progressive rate spring. As for the rear, I'm using a custom 2" lift leaf pack (Old Man Emu / ARB CS042R). It's a flexy leaf pack. You said you like a stiff leaf pack, but I'd say any new pack you get on these trucks is going to be plenty stiff, especially if you get a shock like a Rancho 9000 and turn it to full stiff. Or any heavy duty shock made for towing...should be plenty stiff.

      The other rear alternative would be Warrior 153 shackles with an OEM type leaf, with maybe an Add-A-Leaf. This would give you about 1.5" lift, and with the add-a-leaf tends to make it stiffer.

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