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Problem with 5.0 manual M5R2 swap clutch won't disengage

Discussion in 'Modified 1995-2001 Explorers' started by oddball101, April 16, 2016.

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    1. jbrown1238

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      April 29, 2011
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      98 Ranger
      I know this is an older thread but I happened on to it by accident and noticed some information mentioned regarding my V8 Ranger and the use of a F550 clutch master cylinder. I just thought I would jump in and update the info, even though it is a different set up then the one outlined in this thread.

      I used a T5 trans with an external slave cylinder and a F550 clutch master cylinder. As mentioned I used the F550 master cylinder to allow for a little more throw. It was easy to retrofit and worked very well. I have had issues with the set up as mentioned but that was partially due to cheep Chinese aftermarket parts, both clutch master cylinders and clutch slave cylinders. I will also except part of the blame as at first I decided not to use the protective boot on the clutch slave cylinder. This contributed to accelerated wear in my opinion as it allowed contamination into the bore.

      I have corrected the accelerated wear by using Napa replacement parts, which although still Chinese replacement pieces, they are of a much better quality. The Napa slave cylinder uses a double seal design versus a single seal on the cheaper pieces along with a better quality material finishing. I have also started using the included boot.

      I am now getting about 40,000 miles usage out of both pieces between replacements. But I must also mention that my truck is used in city, stop and go traffic, for about 300 miles, five days a week. My clutch pedal is depressed thousands of times a day, every day.
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