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Proper Product/Pad For My Paint Correction

Discussion in 'Body Work & Detailing' started by DadMode, December 21, 2017.

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    1. DadMode

      DadMode New Member

      December 20, 2017
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      2017 Explorer Platinum
      Hey everyone, looking for a little advice on some paint correction work on my 2017 Shadow Black platinum. I did original paint correction after I purchased for some minor defects, and it was in decent shape. Unfortunately, after asking repeatedly for it not to happen, the dealership ran it through their automated wash after some warranty work and my 9k mile Explorer looks awful (in my eyes). I have minor swirls through most of the paint and need to get them out.

      Long story to get to my question: I currently have the entire V Line for polish and compound (V32, V34, V36, and V38) with a 7424XP DA. I plan on picking up a few more products such as Black Light and V7 to finish off the job once completed, however for initial paint correct which compound order would you recommend and which pad for each compound? On a heavily swirled Escalade I went all the way down the line using the heaviest pads and cutting and then working up. I am not sure how hard the paint is on the Fords so I want to make sure I choose the right combination to get the swirls out without causing any damage.

      Sorry if this has been asked previously, I did some searches and could not find what I was looking for.

      Thanks in advance!!
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