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Questions about intake manifold heater tube replacement?

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by Mustang8650, November 15, 2011.

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    1. Mustang8650

      Mustang8650 New Member

      November 15, 2011
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      Lima, OH
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      1999 Eddie Bauer
      Hi Guys, new member here, stuck up a crick and hoping someone can throw me a paddle!

      I have a 1999 explorer Eddie Bauer, I was driving home when a had a massive coolant leak, luckily was within a block from home, when I got home I noticed there was a hose that went to my intake manifold heater tube (the twin metal hard line tubes below the throttle body), there are 2 nipples there on one of the tubes and one had rusted off, I had found my major coolant leak....

      Here is the issue I'm running into currently, I went to the Ford deal and they ordered me in a F77Z-9D424-BA, sounded great, until I went in to pick it up, they ordered me in one for a 99 explorer, but when we opened it up it had a press in fit, not a screw in fit to the intake like I had taken out of my truck.

      They looked and saw the one for a 96 or 97 was a F77Z-9D424-AA, so I'm pretty confused, thinking at some point someone has switched out the engine to a 96-97. No big deal if thats true right? Well issue now I'm having is nobody in the U.S. is stocking this part (what i was told from 2 ford dealers)

      What are you guys doing if you need that F77Z-9D424-AA part for your 96-97 explorers? Also I'm confused because there seems to be 9d424 part out there that states w/message center, and w/o message center, I'm guessing that message center is referring to the message center in my middle console and it was working fine, but I only see one temp sensor thats on mine.

      Anybody else ran into this issue with not being able to get this part? (the one that screws in)
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