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rear brakes grabbing faster then front

Discussion in 'Ford Ranger - Mazda B-Series Forum' started by vroomzoomboom, January 31, 2018.

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    1. vroomzoomboom

      vroomzoomboom Elite Canuck STOCK SUCKS! Elite Explorer

      January 22, 2007
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      selkirk, manitoba
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      98 supercharged 347 sport
      here is what i have.
      07 ranger, level 2. about 2 years ago i completely redid the rear brakes because the axle seals leaked. at the beginning of this winter i have noticed when i come to a stop, the further i push on the brake peddle, the faster the rear brakes come in then the fronts. i took both drums off to make sure the new seals were not leaking (they were fine) and also cleaned everything to get any dust off. the drums came off easily with no fight, and the tires spin fine when the brakes are not applied. i have also noticed when i back up, i can hear either one side or both making a dragging sound depending how fast i go if you understand what i am saying. i cant remember what type of shoes or drums i used. not best, not cheep, but mid line. anyone else have this problem, or have a idea what i should start looking at? just dont want to come to a stop sign when its icy outside have the rear end lock on me, and hit something.
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