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SYNC2 Map Update - Version A8

Discussion in '2011-2016 My Ford Touch / In Vehicle Technology' started by GrumpyOne, June 6, 2017.

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    1. Sixonemale

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      October 2, 2010
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      2015 XLT Appearance Pkg
      3.08 is latest version that they allowed to be downloaded from the Ford MFT website, which is a very recent version. I would do some reading if you are thinking about version 3.10, it's a plus minus update if I recall correctly, at least with the version that is available from a link in this forum. The SD card A8 should be plug and play with version 3.08.
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    3. RedDen

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      March 14, 2012
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      2012 Explorer Limited
      Ford has only upgraded navigation application for Sync 2 once back in 2012. My first map was A1 and upon upgrade I got A4. Since then all the map versions are compatible with Sync 2.
      There is really no difference between original copies of the maps Ford sells and the ones copied from them. They both work the same way as intended. I've got one original and made a copy from it for my second vehicle and all is working as it should. Only difference is that Ford's ones are write protected, but it doesnt really matter. As for me having copy is even better since i keep my sd card and just copy files with new files onto it.

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