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Testing for defective EEC V computer?

Discussion in 'EEC V' started by 1998rollover, October 5, 2017.

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    1. 1998rollover

      1998rollover Active Member

      November 10, 2008
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      1998 Mountaineer
      Is there a DIY way to test if an EEC IV computer is defective? All the parts stores around here have gotten rid of their PCM testing equipment.

      I have a 2002 Sport Trac with a 1998 Mountaineer 5.0 drivetrain. It suddenly quit running while at idle. I changed the crank sensor and it would run but very horribly. I'd put the original PCM from the Mountaineer in, to no effect, before changing the crank sensor.

      Then I put the PCM in which I'd bought online, programmed with the VIN and latest software. That is the one installed when it died. No spark. So I reinstalled the other one, again no spark - after it had just been running with that PCM.

      Of course I disconnected the battery when swapping PCMs!
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