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The Black Hole - Gmanpaint - April 2012 TOTM

Discussion in 'Explorer / Ranger Truck Of The Month Winners' started by Burns, May 8, 2012.

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    1. Burns

      Burns Elite Explorer Moderator Emeritus

      October 20, 2004
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      Pulaski, TN
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      1991 Explorer/2002 F-250
      NOV 2009 Truck of the month.

      The Rig
      Black 1995 XLT
      Camel Tan interior / full console
      4x4 Manual Trans - Italian leather shift boot
      4.0 OHV
      Drop in K&N conical filter
      1354 Manual Transfer case - Italian leather shift boot
      3" Body lift--PA 853
      Magnaflow stainless Muffler, Stainless 2.5" pipe, Mag Flow stainless tip exiting pass side
      Optima Red Top
      Emergency 12 v power disconnects

      Front IFS suspension
      Manual switched Center Axle Disconnect
      Lockright Automatic Locker 2311-LR
      12" Adjustable QA1 Polished Alum coil over shocks
      12" 750 lb Eibach Silver Coils
      12" Quad wrapped limit straps
      Lower control arm Dixon Bros DOM cross member
      4.56 U.S. Gear Ring & Pinion
      Timkin Hubs
      Pro Grade BJ's, UCA's, Inner & Outer Tie rods

      Rear suspension
      Custom 7 pack F-150 leaf packs / 4" lift
      5/8" U-bolts
      4.56 U.S. Gear Ring & Pinion- Hardened pinion shaft
      Lockrite Automatic Locker 1822-LR
      Rock Crusher diff cover -Turdle powder
      Rancho Adjustable 9000XL shocks
      3" shock lift mounts

      Front full skid plate-3/8" -Turdle Powder
      Rock sliders w/Nerfs -1/4"-Turdle Powder
      Front tube bumper with stinger
      Radiator skid plate
      T-case skid plate-stock
      Gas tank skid plate-stock
      Rear leaf U-bolt skid plates-1/4"

      Tires & Wheels
      35" x12.5" Pro Comp MT / Dynabead balanced
      15"x10" Alum American Eagle -Turdle Powder

      Exterior Mods
      Roof Basket
      Winch mount
      Tow points all 4 corners
      Turdle powder coat Hi-Lift jack/custom mounting brackets
      1 pc steel trench shovel
      1"Steel tube roof rack bars (built by Corkey)
      1"Steel tube light bar
      Black grill w/billet insert -Turdle Powder
      Window vent/rain guards
      2" Fender flares
      Limb riser cables
      EF stickers & EF plate holders :)

      Interior Mods

      Heavy duty floor mats
      Rear cargo vinyl carpet protection
      Cargo panel mounted D-cell Mag Lite
      Fire Extinguisher
      James Bond Mod-(Hidden switches in Ashtray)
      Rear Cargo removable spare tire mount/full size spare
      100 amp service accessory fuse block located in tissue holder inside console
      Red gauge needles
      Hand Throttle Mod

      All switched from inside ashtray

      2-6" chrome 100w long throws on steel light bar with Zukmam EF covers
      2-6"130w long throws on front tube bumper
      2-80 w PIAA Fogs
      2-55 w back ups (on roof basket)
      4-55 w rocks all 4 corners
      2- 12" 25 w fluorescent rocks (Side Rocker pockets)
      2-10ct led rock bars (rear cross member)

      JVC CD HU
      Clarion-Rockford Fosgate amps
      Pioneer door speakers
      10" Rockford Fosgate / ported sub box, clear Plexiglas face.

      Cobra19 cb inside console
      Cobra Noise Reducing Mic
      External noise reducing speaker mounted shoulder level on Dr side B pillar
      2' firestick/HD spring mounted on roof light bar

      My Garage: http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/vbpicgallery.php?do=view&g=354

      What it looked like in the beginning.


      Still evolving...


      Evolving More still....


      A little personal touch in case I cant find it in a mall parking lot :D


      Current Pictures:





      My Thoughts:
      I have had the privileged to be able to meet the rig and owner. They both are great works. hehe. The rig is very capable and is a great tribute to a 2nd gen in my mind. The owner is a man who would do anything for anyone and that is a great quality in my mind. If you have never attended a run that he has put together then you have missed out. Thanks for all you do.

      Just for Fun....I mean you knew I would:

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    3. gmanpaint

      gmanpaint Torsion Bar Free Elite Explorer

      August 1, 2008
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      City, State:
      STL MO
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      94 XLT-95 FX4
      Holy late to the party Batman! I just seen this! Only a few months late! LOL! Wow! :crazy:

      Hmm, not sure that anyone has seen this yet, as I am the 1st to post in it! Bah-haha! :dunno:

      Thanks for the props Jonathan! Mucho appreciated! :chug:

      Oh...and thanks again for the pull! ;)
    4. lesliemorris85

      lesliemorris85 New Member

      December 12, 2012
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      City, State:
      Dallas, Texas
      Saw this just now too, awesome mods you got there! How is this looking now? Been thinking of copying some of your mods on mine. ;)
    5. Twiztid

      Twiztid Active Member

      June 4, 2006
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      Springfield, Mo.
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      88 ranger 96 ex 5.0 2wd
      congrat's greg
    6. R3DXploder

      R3DXploder New Member

      February 9, 2013
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      City, State:
      McKinney, TX
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      98 Explorer Sport
      Beautiful rig you have there sir!
    7. draven822k

      draven822k New Member

      August 4, 2008
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      City, State:
      Ensenada, B.C.
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      2000 XLS Explorer
      I like it very very much, and a lot of ideas for my exp

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