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Third Row Seats Become unlatched

Discussion in '2011-2016 My Ford Touch / In Vehicle Technology' started by krafticus, March 6, 2018.

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    1. krafticus

      krafticus New Member

      February 16, 2016
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      Ellicott City, MD
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      2016 Explorer Sport
      I tried searching, but haven't been able to find anything.
      I have a 2016 sport, and twice now, I have hit the button to stow the rear seats, only to see something was under them. in the process of folding, it stops, but the front mechanism disconnects from the seat, and now the seat cannot stow. It will fold and go back to normal.

      I can take a pic later, but has anyone had this happen, and is it easy to get back on? Last time, it was already going to the dealer for another issue, so I had them fix it. I am now out of warranty, and would like to try and fix it myself.
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    3. peterk9

      peterk9 Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      December 28, 2010
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      Ottawa, Ontario area
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      2017 Explorer Platinum
      There are actually a few threads on the 3rd row seat not stowing but each has a different cause. What likely happened to yours is the same thing that happened to my 2011 when I accidently hit the buttons and the seats started to fold and there was an obstruction in the way. That front mechanism was the problem. I moved the 2nd row seats as far forward as possible to give me some room and I was able to get the parts of the mechanism back in place.


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