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Transfer Case Output Shaft Oil Seal Leak - Remove and replace

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by esclamada, April 23, 2011.

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    1. esclamada

      esclamada Active Member

      October 25, 2010
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      '02 Mountaineer AWD V8
      Last fall I noticed that my transfer case is leaking oil, it's not that bad since it doesn't drip. I noticed that the area above the flange and U-Joint has lots of splatter and decided that this is a good spring project. I just did a flush and fill on my TC and rear diffs.

      There was a time that I suspected that it might not be just the seal alone, maybe the rtv sealant was also leaking. So I run some test to verify what's leaking. I put duct tape on the seal halves and let it run for a week. The duct tape was clean, no leaks. So it's just the oil seal.

      I also have the car inspected at a ford dealership telling them that the TC is leaking, they want to re-seal the whole thing for $750, if they found out other issues it will go up even more.

      So I decided to just do the re-sealing my self (not the whole thing) At first I gave up because the driveshaft bolts will not let loose. So wrapped everything up and do more research and do it the next weekend.

      Got a new seal and it's not leaking anymore. Hopefully I did it right and won't leak again..

      Here's my pictures.

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