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Transmission late shift from 1st to 2nd

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by N_tater, April 20, 2017 at 3:56 PM.

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    1. N_tater

      N_tater New Member

      March 21, 2017
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      2000 explorer 4wd xlt
      2000 explorer
      4wd automatic
      So the explorer had been driving ok. A week or so ago I had made note that it seems to do a little bit if late shifting in the later gears but nothing that I was worrying about. Yesterday I went out for the day went 2 town over and no issues. I stopped at walmart when I got home and as I left I noticed that from 1st to 2nd gear it was slipping really bad. Instead of shifting at around 1000 where it had been it was going up over 1500. Once I'm up past that though the rest shift ok. I checked the tranny fluid and it was up to level but it looked pretty dirty. I'm hoping that a fluid change and filter change will help limp it along a little longer. Ive been advised not to do an actual flush. What do y'all think? Thanks in advance. I appreciate your time and help.
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    3. Indispensable Explorer

      Indispensable Explorer New Member

      December 30, 2016
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      95 Explorer xlt
      V6 4x4
      I got a flush 6000 miles ago when my tranny started slipping in overdrive, it has not slipped since. I'm just one example and I have not driven much since, so don't take my word as scripture. I heard how flushes can be bad after I did it, and I probably wouldn't take the risk again.
    4. imp

      imp Well-Known Member

      November 12, 2009
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      Missouri Ozarks
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      2004 XLT
      @N_tater ".....1st to 2nd gear it was slipping really bad. Instead of shifting at around 1000 where it had been it was going up over 1500."

      Slipping really bad usually implies nearly a run-away of engine speed. Was it really slipping, then completing the shift, or might it have been simply nothing more than a good shift delayed for some reason? A "delayed" shift might be caused by nothing more than a slightly heavier call for acceleration than usual. Has this slipping happened more than once? imp

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