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Underhood oil storage.

Discussion in 'Offroad Fabrication - Bumpers, Sliders, Cages etc.' started by RockRanger, November 9, 2015.

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    1. RockRanger

      RockRanger Elite Ranger Elite Explorer

      January 14, 2001
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      Fresno CA
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      86 ranger no more
      I have had way to many extra oil quarts get holes in them in my tool box and create a mess. I have looked at the Artec mounts. They are nice but none fit my needs and where I wanted it to go. Having a cnc plasma cutter in my garage made it easy to build my own. On my 93 ranger behind the passenger side headlight is a nice big opening. I am not sure if all trucks have this or just my stripped down version.

      [​IMG]20151108_182121 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      I did a little cardboard cad and figured that I could fit 4 quarts of motor oil /atf and a quart of gear oil in this area. I spent some time on the computer and drew it out.

      [​IMG]oil storage boxv2 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      I cut it out of 16ga steel. A few bends, a couple tack welds, a handful of rivets, and some spray paint and I had it ready to mount in the truck.

      [​IMG]20151109_144044 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      [​IMG]20151109_144035 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      Two 1/4 inch bolts hold one side to the inner fender.

      [​IMG]20151109_145435 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      The other side has two quarter inch bolts mounting it to the radiator support. The lower bolt has a spacer of a nut between the mount and truck. This is because the unit has to sit at a slight angle to clear the factory air intake tube.

      [​IMG]20151109_145542 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      Here is what it looks like from the top.

      [​IMG]20151109_145525 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      I put two quarts of engine oil and two quarts of ATF as well as the gear oil.

      [​IMG]20151109_145627_010 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr

      Lid on ready to go. Pull the pin and the lid comes off and the oil is easily removed from the holder.

      [​IMG]20151109_145908 by Matthew Dresselhaus, on Flickr
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    3. RangerX

      RangerX Elite Ranger Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      July 14, 1999
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      Omao, Kauai
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      '93 Ranger XLT 4X4
      More great fab work, Matt!
    4. R.J.

      R.J. Elite Explorer

      November 16, 2006
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      La Habra Hts, CA
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      91 Navajo, 90 Bronco II
      I'm pretty sure my car has a battery there
    5. WormsExplorer

      WormsExplorer Elite Explorer

      February 14, 2015
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      Colorado Springs, CO
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      Colorado Springs, co
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      97 Explorer 5.0
      I like that idea and fab work.

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