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Update to Basic Sync Cut Off Voice Communication To iPhone While Connected With Bluetooth

Discussion in '2011-2016 My Ford Touch / In Vehicle Technology' started by jtc24, November 14, 2016.

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    1. jtc24

      jtc24 New Member

      April 1, 2010
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      2013 Explorer
      I have a 2013 Base Explorer with Basic Sync. I had never updated the software, but didn't like having to switch back to Bluetooth Audio every time I got out of the car and then returned. I read online that the latest version would eliminate that problem, so I installed it last week, and it did. However, it created a new, more irritating problem.

      Before, when connected by Bluetooth, I could still speak input into my iPhone -- things like communicating with Siri and speaking text messages. Now, when connected by Bluetooth and attempting to speak a text, the phone ignores me and the Sync display says "Paused". The only way to regain voice communication with the phone is to pick up the phone and turn off Bluetooth. When I'm finished, I have to turn Bluetooth back on and then set Sync back to Bluetooth. Way too much to mess with while driving, to say the least.

      Is there any workaround to this? The safety of pressing the home button on my phone and saying "Text Mary" and then speaking the text while driving has been eliminated. My only choices when replying to a text while driving would be to either type it manually (which I won't do while driving) or go through the procedure described above.

      Has anyone else experienced this?
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