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Welcome to the Before & After Forum

Discussion in 'Before & After' started by GJarrett, February 14, 2004.

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    1. GJarrett

      GJarrett Elite Explorer Moderator Emeritus

      February 13, 1999
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      Chief GPS'um and Still Lost Native Texan
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      '99 EB 4x4 "Herc" RIP
      Do you have photos of your Explorer before and after your modifications? This is the place to show them off.

      Forum Rules:
      General forum rules and etiquette are located here: Forum Rules and Instructions Additional notes unique to this forum and my moderating style are listed below.

      In order to post photos here you need to link to photos which are already on the web. Read the FAQ in the link above for more information on inserting images and photos. You can also become an Elite Member and have space to store photos directly on this site: Elite Explorer

      Topics and Content
      This forum is designed solely for the purpose of posting photos to show your vehicle’s changes Before and After you perform modifications on them. If you post any other subject, it will be moved to another forum more appropriate to that subject.

      Ideally, you should not start your thread until you have photos to include in it. If you have already started your modification(s) but did not think to take photos of the “Before” phase of your vehicle, that is acceptable - we know what a stock Explorer looks like :). You may start a thread to announce your modification(s) without a photo, but you are expected to eventually post photos as they are taken and developed/digitally imaged.

      Showing off your vehicle will generate replies from other members. Most will be positive, but be aware that we all have individual opinions and some may not like the way yours looks. If you post your Before and After here, be willing to accept that some feedback may not be as positive as others. Respect those whose opinions differ from yours. Conversely, if you reply to a Before and After with negative input, you are expected to express that in a respectful manner (“Your vehicle looks good, but I prefer the look without billet grills, I think they look odd”) or ("have you thought of taking those flares off?") and not in a disrespectful or insulting manner (“I think your Explorer looks like ****”). I will not allow any insulting or flaming remarks on this forum and that type of post will be deleted.

      I welcome your emails or PMs at any time with questions or comments about any of the content of this forum or my moderation of it. Enjoy showing off your Explorer!

      Last edited: December 6, 2012
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