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JBL Tape Deck Error

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Washington DC
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JBL Tape Deck Error

I am using a cassette interface to XM radio and have done so for several years with no issue. Now the cassette works fine for a few minutes then gives a display of "TD E1" and ejects the cassette. Any ideas as to the issue?
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Peoria, Il
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It's been a while, but I *think* that error is because it doesn't see the opposite reel turning, like the tape is broken, or that it doesn't have tension where it thinks it should.

Do you have another cassette adapter to test?
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Old 06-18-2008, 08:29 PM   #3
Roanoke, Virginia
1996 Limited
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I have just begun to experience the same problem. I assumed it was just the tape adapter that I use for my mp3 player because the same problem also happened in another car. So I bought a new adapter and the problem still exists, it also distorts the sound completely and there is static. The tape will cycle from side 1 to 2 and give the same error message and eject in my explorer. I tried a third adapter in my car and the volume and sound was fine, but it kept switching sides again and ejected. How can this be solved? Cleaning the tape player? Or is my only option to take it into a shop?

I was looking at another post about installing a aux input since I have the cd changer, but my cd changer itself doesn't work anymore, so I am not sure if I could go that route. The head unit will switch to cd but the player itself doesn't want to change cds or eject the cartridge.

I also tried regular tapes and they play just fine with no ejecting.

Thank in advance!
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Mandeville, LA
1999 Explorer XL 2WD
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My dad has the CD Changer control-to-aux-in adapter for his Taurus and it works well. It doesn't matter if the CD Changer works or not--his car was supposed to come with it when we bought it but we looked in the trunk and it was never there...

It just plugs into the harness and then you can plug whatever into your new aux-in port.

I don't have the JBL unit but mine does have a cassette deck. I used the casette adapter for the Sirius radio for about 2 years. I would on the off occasion have an issue where the deck was jammed up and would continuously switch from side 1 to side 2 really fast. It might have been the casette adapter, who knows. After that long of continuous use it started squeaking and making all kinds of noise, plus the sound quality was not so good from the start.

I would have gone with the CD-to-Aux like my dad did but my Explorer radio isn't CD-changer capable, so I called up Sirius and they sent me a direct-wire kit for the FM transmitter. Sounds a lot better now and I don't have to deal with the wire everywhere and all the noise from the tape machine.

Try playing a cassette in the cassette deck to see if it works OK, if it does it's probably your adapter. You can buy a new one but if you can I'd say upgrade to the CD changer interface unit.
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