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What does "XLT" really mean?

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Old 05-11-2009, 10:10 PM   #1
I'll have another...
Monroe, MI
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Vehicle Specs

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(Original Poster)
What does "XLT" really mean?

Always heard "Explorer XLT" (etc) and never really thought anything of it until the last few days...

What does it really mean?

I googled it, read on a few sites, its like the Premium package under Eddie Bauer, then on other sites saying its just BASIC...(as in) cloth, carpet, and an am/fm basic radio, no cd, no nothing..

What one is it?
Im 17, so insurance keeps check on EVERYTHING, my 92 is 4x4 so i get charged more, plus its an eddie bauer so theres even more, plus im a guy so theres more (no joke about that.)

So I just want something basic, but nice, leather power seats, 4 door, not 4x4, i never need it enough to pay more for it on my insurance, sun/moon roof, basic stereo, cus i got all my own stuff to put in.

Id love to have the auto ac/heat controls, and the little message center in the center console...

What year would be good for me?

(another question, was it stock for the Automatic rear view mirror and auto lights?) (If not, what year did they start, and was it an option?)

Thanks guys :p

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My iPad Dash Install Thread
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Jacksonville, FL
96 5.0 xlt 2wd white/char
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Vehicle Specs

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It's a step up from the most basic one and a four door. Mine is well loaded, has leather interior, rear air, power everything, two tone paint, V8 with a towing package. Nothing basic about it. The Eddie Bauer usually has fender flares, running boards, All wheel drive and some other stuff.
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Old 05-11-2009, 10:23 PM   #3
Kitchener, Ontario
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Vehicle Specs

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My wife has a 2003 XLT. 4.0, leather, moon roof, auto lights, auto dimming rearview mirror, 7 passenger. Manual climate, leather is not heated. Has keyless entry, both key fob and number pad on drivers door. Power drivers seat, rear climate control, AM/FM/CD, power locks/windows, power/heated mirrors...can't think of anything else it has.

And I've seen XLT's with no moonroof, cloth seats yada yada yada. I also believe packages and options change from year to year. It will be better equipped than the XLS regardless. I hope that helps in some small way.


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Old 05-12-2009, 01:32 AM   #4
Bremerton, WA
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Vehicle Specs

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We have 2 Explorers. 1 is 4WD, one is is the same for both...


1992 Ford Explorer XL - with a few bolt ons...
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Anaheim, CA
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Vehicle Specs

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Originally Posted by BrianDye View Post
...another question, was it stock for the Automatic rear view mirror and auto lights...
I have a 99 2wd 2dr sport and it didnt have the automatic dimming mirror nor the auto lights.I purchased the auto dimming mirror w/auto lights off ebay and installed it. It was not that hard to install(just finding the correct wires) and theres actually a thread how to install those auto dimming mirrors/auto lights in the forums somewhere. Theres even a thread on how to install those message centers too. So if you purchase another explorer without those features, you could always buy them separately and install em

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Vehicle Specs

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Essentially, in the second-gens, XL, XLS and later-on, the XLS 'Sport' were the 'base' models. XLT was a step up, with several more available options, including better stereos, nicer interiors, available leather, etc. If you loaded up an XLT, you had most of the standard features on an Eddie Bauer. The Limited was a step up from that, yielding nicer interiors, some color-keyed exterior pieces, faux woodgrain trim, etc.

To get leather, you'll need an XLT with the optional leather, an EB or Limited. All three came in 2wd, although depending on your location, a 2wd model may be more difficult to find, but they're out there.

Good luck!

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Vehicle Specs

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It depends on how old a vehicle. Back in the day, XLT (eXtra Luxurious Truck) was top of the line. Then came Lariet, Eddie Bauer, Limited, and so forth. So you can see the confusion.


Originally Posted by four0sport
she is a girl, there are no answers, only more questions!
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Joe Dirt
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Vehicle Specs

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My opinion is that if your insurance guy is marking you up for options that are not related to the size of the engine of the vehicle, either lower your coverage or find a different insurance dude. Even they don't do that in Michigan that I know of, and we're the most f'd up state in the union right now...

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Vehicle Specs

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If you have the V6 Engine, insurance shouldn't matter if its a 4x4 or a 2x4 at all. Both "engine setups" have the same VIN ID..
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