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fuel gauge stuck at full plus electrical issues

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fuel gauge stuck at full plus electrical issues

THey everyone!
I've searched around the forums and found a few issues similar to mine but I have not found the same issue.

The problem I have is that my fuel gauge is always stuck all the way to one side, past full. I have read that the float can fill with gas and fall to the bottom of the tank but this is not the issue because the guage is stuck on full not empty.

It never moves and never changes it is always in the same place. The car has some electrical issues and I know it had pack rats living in it at some point. Anyone know where to start to diagnose this issue? Anyone heard of this? If its behind the dash I'd rather try to fix that first rather than dropping the tank.

Other electrical issues are, mirrors don't work, locks take a lot of switch wiggling to lock or unlock, windows sometimes are very slow, aback wiper does not work except sometimes randomly, interior lamps flicker when dash knob is adjusted, radio sometimes does not light up and screen never turns on.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Ford explorer xlt 1998 sohc v6 144,000 automatic
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I finally got around to fixing mine.(stuck at full) Is a ground issue. In my case I had already tried a different gauge and and checked the wires from the tank to the dash. Yesterday I dropped the tank down low enough to pull the pump and sending unit, without pulling the tank completely.(A real pain in the ***)even on the lift! It was evident that the fuel pump had been replaced at some point(Yellow residential wire nuts gave it away) and when they re-assembled they knocked the ground wire off. It works for the first time since I've owned it. As for the other issues it sounds like it has been submerged or has been parked for a long period of time in a wet or salty humid climate.(Just a guess) I use a dielectric lubricant that blocks corrosion and even works below the water line on boats!I use it on everything electrical. And Mechanical,and rubber and almost everything else! It is great!!!!! And no I don't work for them. But I have sold a lot of this stuff for them. If you want more info on it message me. IDK if I can post the company info on here.
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