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Symptons of a bad Crank Position Sensor?

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Old 11-01-2002, 08:25 PM   #1
Cathedral City, CA
1991 XLT
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Symptons of a bad Crank Position Sensor?

My ex wont start after driving for more than 5 minutes, starts up fine after it cools down, mechanic told me it was the crank position sensor? Any ideas?
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Tempe, Arizona
1998 V8 AWD Mounty
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A bad crank position sensor would definately cause your car to run bad. It probably is relyign soley off your camshaft position sensor now.

Have you had your OBD-II codes read yet? There should be a way to test the electrical pulse coming from the Cranshaft sensor. The sensor itself is a very simple design.

Good Luck


1998 5.0 V8 4x4 Mounty w/ Ported and Polished GT-40 Heads, Bored out.030 over, FMS headers, 4R70W tranny with Advanced Adapter to BW 1354 for true 4x4. (Future Mods: Coilover Front Susp, FMS Roller Rockers, DIS-4)
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'91 xl sport
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When the truck fails to start, check for "spark" at one of the spark plugs. If the computer doesn't know where the crankshaft is positioned or if turning, it doesn't know when to fire a spark plug.
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