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Explorer Maintenance Tips

Note: These tips are primarily for the 1st Gen Explorers 1991-1994
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Common Answers to Common Problems

General Items

Service Schedule - Dr. Bob's TLC for Your Explorer

Plugs and Wires - A Treatise

Kleenex Juniors!!!!


Engine and Electrical Systems

Battery Cables - Starter Won't Start?

Thermostat - How to Replace It

Changing the Coolant

Coolant Loss - from a Cracked Head

Coolant Loss - from the Lower Intake Manifold Gasket

Cooling Fan - Removal and Replacement

Water Pump - Removal and Replacement

Replacing the Radiator

Engine Pinging

Converting the A/C System - Getting Away from R-12

Power Steering Pump

Valve Cover Gaskets

Removing the Exhaust Manifold

Changing the Tail Lights - A Little Trick

Changing the Spark Plugs

Trailer Wiring

No Oil Pressure - Flush the System

Fuel Systems

The Fuel Pump Relay

Fuel Pump & Sender Replacement - 1991 to 1994

Fuel Pump & Sender Replacement - 1995 - ?

Replacing the Fuel Filter

Fixing a Dead Fuel Gage - Maybe It's the Float

Fuel Pressure Regulator - Check Engine Light Driving You Nuts?




The Manual Transmission - Beware of Rubber Plugs

The Automatic Transmission - Changing the Fluid

The Automatic Transmission - The Speed Governor

The Automatic Transmission - Check Your Alternator Lately?

The Automatic Transmission - Modulator Valves

What Happened to My Overdrive?

Hubs, Diffs, and Transfer Case

The Differentials - More Fluids to Change

The Transfer Case - What to Check First!

The 4wd System - Overhauling the Hubs and Troubleshooting

The 4wd System - A Note on the Automatic Hubs

The 4wd System - Converting Automatic Hubs to Manual Hubs


Front Brakes - Also some more hub stuff

Rear Brakes

Make Your Own Bleeder

Suspension and Tires

Shocks - Improving the Ride

What Tires To Buy? - A Net Consensus

Radius Arm Bushings - Those rivets are tough!

Radius Arm Bushings - A little sidewalk engineering!

Radius Arm Rivets - The Blue Torch Approach

Fixing a Rear End Clunk



Interior and Body

The Center Arm Rest - Fix it Yourself

Radio R&R?

Fixing the Power Windows

Fixing the Door Switch

Fixing the Rear Wiper

Removing the Instrument Cluster

Fixing a Broken Lock on the Rear Liftgate

Replacing a Driving Light Lens

Fixing the Sagging Driver's Door

Noises, Bumps, and Everything Else

Vibrations - Where to begin?

If You See Lots of White Smoke - Check Here First

The Clanging Cat Shield - A Few Suggestions

Passenger-Side Heat Shield - Loud thumps from that side???

Need a Cargo Liner

Fixing a Vibrating Luggage Rack

Replacing the Exhaust System

Steering Wheel Clunk

Miscellaneous Items

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