Making Your Own 1-Man Brake Bleeder

Contributed by drbob

Here's the latest and greatest format and content for the Porsche/Explorer brake bleeder instructions as of press time, rev 2.0. This is the complete list and instruction, and supersedes the partial parts list that Suki posted to ramfe this week.

The whole text part and the CAD drawing are bundled as an acrobat file. I have the text source somewhere, and if you'd rather have that let me know and I'll send it.

The important stuff is in the BLEEDER.PDF file. The last page of that includes the ATECAP.PDF that's referenced in the text, so you won't need to go searching for it. Adding in the color JPG's increases the PDF size to almost two megabytes, so they are still shipped separately.

Brake Bleeder Instructions

ATE Cap Diagram

Bleeder Parts

The Final Assembled Brake Bleeder

Addendum 1 - by drbob

I made the gasket that fits between the cap and the reservoir a bit thicker than the original in the stock cap. As stated in that instruction, the gasket is glued in to the cap using some hi-temp RTV. I did this as much to block the little vent slots as to secure the thicker gasket. The material I used is a plain old neoprene material, but it's almost 1/4" thick thanks to the two layers I added in there. That extra thickness, plus the complete blockage of the vent ports, makes the cap leak proof during flushing.

For those that want to invest a little in comfort and a factory-made part, look for a K-D universal pressure-bleed fitting that clamps over the master cylinder reservoir, and secures with a couple tiny chains and some eye bolts with wing nuts. Price is less than $40, and it works with the pump you've already assembled.

One of the online tool stores lists the K-D cap, and also shows a small non-diaphragm pressure unit that looks amazingly like the one I wrote up. $30. If you have the $$ and don't have the time, this might be an easy solution for many. With the $40 cap, plus shipping, it would end up around $80 total. Worth a quick search, IMHO.





Updated November 21, 2000

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