Changing Fluid in Differentials

Front Differential

Unscrew the front square drive plug and pump it out with a hand pump, then refill until it reaches bottom of the hole.

Rear Differential

Remove differential cover draining fluid into an appropriate sized pan. Clean off gasket surfaces on both the differential housing and differential cover. Clean out bottom of diff housing with a rag, checking for any debris. Inspect teeth on gears for any chips or cracks. Apply RTV sealer to diff housing with a nice bead. Re-install cover. Remove the plug on the front side of the differential housing with a 3/8" square drive ratchet and extension. Clean magnet on the plug. An accumulation of small particles is normal. Refill with gear oil until it reaches the bottom of the hole. If you have a limited slip rear end, you MUST add Ford's friction modifier to the fluid. Synthetic gear oil does a better job of protecting and can help increase your fuel economy.





Updated March 11, 1999

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