Fixing a Door Switch

Contributed by Larry Adkins

I don't know if this is a common problem in and amongst Ford Explorers but I have a 93 XLT with 186,000 miles and have encountered a setback with one of my door switches (driver's-side, rear). Apparently, when this switch decided to go--it must have fused the hot wire to the switch on open. Well, as you can imagine, this kept the 2 dome lights and courtesy door lamps ON ALL THE TIME.

So, my "quick-fix" was to remove the fuse that allowed this to occur. Not good. As you probably know, the radio is hooked into the same circuit as well as the warning "ding" that tells you that your lights are on when your vehicle is off (I learned this little connection the HARD way).

Anyways, the fix is easy: First, do a visual check on all the switches. If there is an obvious problem (i.e. stuck switch), take an adjustable wrench or I used a pair of pliers and unscrew the switch and the lights should go off. If this doesn't work, do this test on each one of the doors. If that doesn't work, your problem is deeper than I wish to tarry.





Added June 13, 1999

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