Ford Explorer
Luggage Rack

Contributed by Craig A.

I have a '92 Ford Explorer 4X4. I've read your maintenance page and it has been a great deal of help. I just wanted to add a vibration problem that I had once. I started when I was driving any where from 35 mph to 65 mph. The vibration was very loud and it sounded as if it was coming from around the rear windows or the rear hatch. It was so loud it would sound like a semi's jake brake. After approximately 2 weeks of trying to figure out what it was, I had my wife get in the back seat and start pushing on windows and the rear hatch. Finally it hit me I had my wife roll down the rear window and grab a hold of the luggage rack. That was it, all it needed was tightening down. I know someone has had to of encountered this same problem.




Added November 21, 2000

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