Ford Explorer
Heat Shield Noise

Contributed by Matt Bobbitt

If you experience a loud thumping when going over bumps from the passenger side front suspension there may be one or two things wrong.

First you will want to check the passenger side heat shield to see if it is damaged. What can happen, especially in lifted TTB Fords, is that the shield gets pinched between threads of the radius arm bushing nut. This can make an awful noise over bumps. Two ways to solve the problem: 1) drill the center hole out larger and weld it to the washer 2) replace with a new one.

This really seemed to be a problem after installing the polyurethane bushings for the radius arms and the leveling coils up front. I assume that this happens more because of the increased angle and firmer bushings.

The second reason this can happen is the radius arm bushings are bad. Info for changing them out can be found here.




Added March 11, 1999

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