Serious Explorations at is an online community and forum for Ford Explorer enthusiasts. The website is dedicated to the Ford Explorer, a popular sport-utility vehicle that has been in production since 1990. The site offers a wealth of information and resources for Explorer owners and fans, including technical advice, modification tips, and a lively discussion forum.

The website is easy to navigate and has a simple, straightforward layout. The homepage features links to the site's main sections, including the forum, technical articles, and photo gallery. There is also a section for classified ads, where members can buy and sell parts and vehicles.

The standout features of is its discussion forum, which is one of, if not the largest and most active online community for Ford Explorer owners. The forum is divided into several categories, including general discussion, technical advice, and classifieds. Within each category, there are numerous subforums for specific topics, such as engine performance, suspension, and audio systems. Members can post questions, share advice, and connect with other Explorer owners from around the world.

The technical articles section of the site is another valuable resource for Explorer owners. This section contains detailed articles on various topics related to Explorer maintenance and repair, such as engine tuning, brake upgrades, and suspension modifications. The articles are written by experienced Explorer owners and enthusiasts and are accompanied by clear, detailed photos and diagrams.

The photo gallery section of is a showcase of member-owned Ford Explorers. Members can upload photos of their vehicles and share them with the community. The gallery features a wide variety of Explorer models, from early first-generation Explorers to the latest models. It's a great place to get inspiration for modifications and upgrades or to simply admire the different styles and colors of the Explorer.

Another valuable feature of is its community events section. This section lists upcoming Explorer-related events, such as meetups, off-road trips, and car shows. Members can connect with each other and plan their own events, as well as share photos and stories from past events.

Whether you are looking for technical advice, modification tips, or simply want to connect with other Explorer enthusiasts, is a great place to start. With its friendly and helpful community is a must-visit website for anyone who loves the Ford Explorer.

Staff Biographies:

Rick Horwitz

Rick Horwitz founded Serious Explorations in 1996 to show the world that the Ford Explorer is a solid platform and a capable off-road vehicle. Rick's own 1993 Explorer nicknamed "The Pumpkin" has been featured in several magazine articles including a front page, and center spread in Off-Road Magazine. Rick earned an Automotive Technology diploma at Denver Automotive, attending the school from 1980-1981. After graduating from Denver Automotive, Rick went to work rebuilding automatic transmissions at Advanced Automotion in Glenview, Illinois. Rick also worked at Northbook Auto Parts in Northborok Il, and has been working on, photographing, and writing about, cars and trucks for the past 45 years.

Michael Bayarsky - Moderator of Aerostar, Tools and Garage, and New Member Introductions Forums.

My name is Michael Bayarsky. I've lived in Brooklyn, NY all of my life. My grandfather was my mentor growing up. He was a plumber for 16 years, and a welder for 40 years. He also built the welders for the company which he was working for. I've learned a lot from him just by watching him while he worked. My interests include computers, electronics, 3D printing, repairing 3D printers, drawing CAD parts to 3D print, working on cars, vans, electric scooters, plumbing, electrical, locks, carpentry, appliances, and basically anything which requires repairs. I don't have formal training in a technical school but I have many years of hands on experience. Books, videos, CDs, DVDs, and online resources are the key to learning how to do things.

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