In order to keep "Serious Explorations"® running efficiently, there needs to be some Do's and Don'ts to make life more tolerable, and to keep the website enjoyable.  The main intention of this message board is to discuss ideas, problems, and to share information about the Explorer and it's related brethren, Sport Trac, Navajo, Mountaineer, Aviator, and of course the Ranger and Bronco II.

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Information gathered by this site will not be sold to any other organization. Per California law we have a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” link visible to our California members. Since the site runs advertisements, I am required to run that link, regardless of whether personal information is sold.

When registering you can decide whether or not to be included in e-mailings from this site. E-mail from this site will have information  related to the site or to the Ford Explorer. You can always opt out of the e-mail list by changing the settings in your personal profile.

make the topic of your post as descriptive as possible. Don't just say "Hey help me out guys". Giving a descriptive topic helps our members to better help you. Here is an example of a descriptive title: “1997 4.0 timing chain rattle”.

Please read the descriptions of each forum to better help you decide where to post your question or statement. Do not post the same message in more than one forum.

Don't expect an immediate answer, and re-post your question because no one answered the first day. Sometimes it takes those in the know awhile to figure out an answer. Be Patient. 

I implore you all to add your vehicle type and year on your signature. Since there are so many configurations of the Explorer, it makes it hard to be able to answer questions when the year and model aren't mentioned. Adding it to your signature saves you typing. You don't need to put every modification you did to your Explorer, just the basics.

6 SHORT non-wrapping lines are the maximum that you can have. Moderators may ask you to shorten your signature if you don't comply they may shorten it for you leaving just the basic information intact.

                          Example of a signature file: 

                          Ray L.  
                          97 XLT 4X4 4.0L SOHC 
Photo's of Ray's Truck
Ray's Bio 

Photos and graphics are not allowed in signatures.


  • The act of berating, provoking, or giving someone a "verbal lashing" in a public forum  will not be tolerated on this board. DON'T DO IT! Abusive and foul language will not be tolerated. This is intended to be a family site, so keep it clean. 

  • No sharing Carfax reports.

  • No discussions about removing catalytic converters from street operated vehicles. It's illegal!

  • Elite Explorers may not post attachments or for sale items for non-Elite members.

  • Users that violate the guidelines continuously may be banned from the board at the Administrators discretion.

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