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5th Gen Explorers & Parts For Sale

5th generation Explorer, 2011 - 2019 Used vehicles and parts. Must be an Elite Explorer to post items for sale.
The same rule applies in the 5th gen For Sale forum as applies in the old For Sale forums, anyone posting items for sale must be an Elite Explorer member. This policy was put in place years ago after we had a lot of bad sales on the forum. Requiring those who sell to be supporting members reduced the incidents dramatically. For more information about the "Elite Explorers" check this link: https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?account/upgrades Tips to help protect yourself from fraud: Use a credit card if you can Use an escrow service like PayPal.com or use Ebay if you are unsure or use a 3rd person the two of you trust to conduct the transaction if you have ANY doubts. Explorerforum does not mediate delivery, payment, or...
I have a 2012 explorer with a beige bench seat in fair condition. I am looking for someone near Raleigh to do a swap with me for bucket seats. If you are interested please let me know.
FS is my PLUG AND PLAY, Uniden R3 Radar Detector. Blend mount and hardwire....nice. $225 shipped...a great deal. the R3 is an excellent RD. Served me well while owning the Explorer.
Hey folks! Looking for a center console for my PIU. Either civilian or detective, doesn't matter. Either way it will get slightly modified. Thanks! Edit: Picked one up out of a salvage yard for $105. Thanks, all!
Sold my Explorer. Bot a Sync 3 upgrade from Mitral Shah on the FB Sync 3 forum. Never installed it. full kit in bubble wrap. Paid $750 ...selling for $650. Unused, new.
Sold my Explorer. FS is my J&L Oil Separator. Had it on for n6 months, worked like a CHAMP! See pics. $80 to you..thats HALF of the cost. Per the pics, it did its job. I had a Tune and it kept the IC clean.
Got these new with the 2015 I owned, never used them, they are still sealed in plastic, make me an offer, located in Dayton Ohio.
I have all oem parts to install oil cooler on 3.5 NA explorer. Purchased for 2015 XLT, then traded in for 2017 Platinum. 200.00 plus actual shipping cost.
Part of my E is missing, so if anyone is updating their Sport hood letters and may have an E in good shape, email me at tamucowpoke@hotmail.com and I'll paypal you a few bucks.
Hello. I am looking for a stock exhaust setup for my 2018 Explorer Sport. I am looking for the full exhaust that attaches to the downpipes. I have the Livernois "Corsa" on it now and it's not what I am looking for...a tad too loud. I am looking for the stock exhaust note back...Anyone have one laying around that they are willing to sell? thank you in advance. Brian
Selling a brand new Sport badge, OEM, still in sealed bag, I had removed mine off of my explorer and was going to put this new one on before turning it in when the lease ended but forgot. $15 shipped PM or email me - arred79@gmail ** also see my other post, selling a custom fit WeatherTech sunshade for 2019 Explorer
Hey All, I recently traded in my Ex so I have the Amerihood Functional Ram Air hood up for grabs. Ideally, local pick up would be great, its a freight ship so Im not totally interested in arranging that. The hood is not painted, gel coated but does have a wrap on it. Easily take that off and get it painted to match your ride. $500 OBO
WeatherTech SunShade Windshield Dash Shield for Ford Explorer 2011-2019 Front. I bought this brand new, and only used a few times before my lease was up. It fit perfectly in my 2019 Ford Explorer, with the lane keeping camera in the top of the windshield. Like new condition. High quality and double sided, silver on one side to block out the sun and heat in the summer months, and black on the other side to help warm the interior and help defrost the windshield in cold winter months. https://www.weathertech.com/sunshade/ Asking $30 plus shipping
Looking for a 5th gen Explorer for the wife, need to get her out of her gas guzzling Expedition EL. Main requirements are leather and 8" screen. FWD is preferred and no 4cyl, no interceptor. Would prefer to find one with a great body but needs work like bad engine, trans or driveline issues as those areas are my specialty. I'd consider anything below 200k miles with a great body / interior and no rust or past salvage history, doesn't have to even run. Willing to pay up to 10k cash for the right one with lower miles. I am in Virginia Beach, VA but would travel a few states away for the right deal with a trailer.
Hello all! As many of you know, the Police Interceptor Utility doesn't come with a center console! I've tried looking for one locally and I can't find one! If anyone has one in good condition, drop pictures and a price, willing to pay for shipping if it isn't an absurd amount for it. I'm looking for a civilian center console that you'd find in a regular Explorer, just for information.
Hello, I have a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport and want to swap the 2nd row bench seat (driver's side, black leather) for a bucket seat. If anyone is interested in swapping your bucket seat for a bench seat please let me know (assuming this is possible). Thank you, Brian