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5th Gen Explorers & Parts For Sale

5th generation Explorer, 2011 - 2019 Used vehicles and parts. Must be an Elite Explorer to post items for sale.
The same rule applies in the 5th gen For Sale forum as applies in the old For Sale forums, anyone posting items for sale must be an Elite Explorer member. This policy was put in place years ago after we had a lot of bad sales on the forum. Requiring those who sell to be supporting members reduced the incidents dramatically. For more information about the "Elite Explorers" check this link: https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?account/upgrades Tips to help protect yourself from...
I have a navigation card that I took out of my 2016 Explorer when I upgraded it. It is free to a good home the card is a A7 so it is dated, but if your card is a older one at least this one would be a upgrade. I'll even foot the bill for postage...
Working on some projects and needs the rear spoiler that have the opening to house the FPIU OEM traffic advisors. Possible part number HB5Z-7844210-AA (got it from the dealers, but have not confirm if it is correct). Anything from 2016 - 2019 will be fine. I don't needs the lights but will consider if sold in bundle. Please contact me if you have one or know where to get one. Thanks.
Hello! I'm looking for a Break Out Box (B.O.B) module for my PIU. The engineering part number for the module is MCGB53-14K131-AA. Any module fit this number after 2016 will works. Have been looking around in multiple dealership but none of them have it. Thanks, Edited: Here's the photo of the module.
Looking for anyone selling 2nd row bucket seats. We have our 2nd kid on the way and want to make the conversion from the 60/40. Bought our 2018 used so didn't realize it was an option until recently. Also any tips or help finding these seats would be greatly appreciated. TIA
Looking for some used aftermarket Downpipes for a 2017 Ford Explorer Sport.
Hello all- I have a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport with bucket seats in charcoal and was looking to install a second row center console. I have searched the entire internet in search for the part but cannot find it, even multiple websites that say they are in stock have cancelled my order because they do not have them anymore. It is very easy to find it with red stitching or black stitching, however, I am looking for it with white stitching, part number DB5Z-78045A36-AA charcoal/pebble. If anyone...
Hello, I have a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport and want to swap the 2nd row bench seat (driver's side, black leather) for a bucket seat. If anyone is interested in swapping your bucket seat for a bench seat please let me know (assuming this is possible). Thank you, Brian
Hello, I have seen console pocket that replaced hole where the shifter is on non PIU model. Looking for some 3d printed part. The one I need has no lettering in bottom and fits under top cover of console. If you can do it or have one printed pm your price. Need soon. Thanks for your help.
Hello everyone, I am looking for a set of 3rd row power seats for my 2011 Explorer. The right side seat broke last year. I went to the dealership and they told me the best and easier way to fix it would be to find a set of used seats and swap the whole 3rd row. Please let me know if you have one for sale or if you know where I could find one. I'm in Canada, but I would also buy in the USA. Colour does not matter. Have a Great day! Thanks
For sale 2016-2019 interceptor utility. Go Rhino push bar , excellent condition no scratches or scuffs. $250 also for sale rear trunk area cage great condition Bolts behind rear seats to existing bolts. $150 also havis rear truck window bars , brand new in box never installed. $120 item located California 91040. No shipping Can ship havis window bars only at your expense
Looking for someone who would want to trade wheels, I have a set of the Alloy wheels, and would like to find a set of the Black PIU wheels to put on my explorer
Fits 2015 and earlier. Verify your fitment. Paid $140, never installed. Ergo perfect condition. BB5Z-7855100-AA KIT - LUGGAGE RACK U502 Cross Bar Kit Part # 202837
My RH tail light is out on my 2016 Explorer XLT. I'm hoping some people that traded to sport style tails have some wanting to get rid of. Anyway I'm interested in getting a working taillight assembly if possible. RH side. I think it's the same module from 2016-2019 but I need to do a little research there. Thank you
Putting a few more sets together, PM if you're interested in a set. I don't have the website 100% live just yet, so it shows Out of Stock, but let me know in the PM as I've got some sets available. It's just got a good set of directions and info on them. PTU, RDU, and Transmission Drain Plug Kit