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5th Gen Explorers & Parts For Sale

5th generation Explorer, 2011 - 2019 Used vehicles and parts. Must be an Elite Explorer to post items for sale.
The same rule applies in the 5th gen For Sale forum as applies in the old For Sale forums, anyone posting items for sale must be an Elite Explorer member. This policy was put in place years ago after we had a lot of bad sales on the forum. Requiring those who sell to be supporting members reduced the incidents dramatically. For more information about the "Elite Explorers" check this link: https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?account/upgrades Tips to help protect yourself from fraud: Use a credit card if you can Use an escrow service like PayPal.com or use Ebay if you are unsure or use a 3rd person the two of you trust to conduct the transaction if you have ANY doubts. Explorerforum does not mediate delivery, payment, or...
Hello Explorer lovers, I am looking for my PIU 2015 Front Console (civil or OEM version is the best;) thanks for any info. Stay health and unlimited trip ;) Sebastian
Looking for a 5th gen Explorer for the wife, need to get her out of her gas guzzling Expedition EL. Main requirements are leather and 8" screen. FWD is preferred and no 4cyl, no interceptor. Would prefer to find one with a great body but needs work like bad engine, trans or driveline issues as those areas are my specialty. I'd consider anything below 200k miles with a great body / interior and no rust or past salvage history, doesn't have to even run. Willing to pay up to 10k cash for the right one with lower miles. I am in Virginia Beach, VA but would travel a few states away for the right deal with a trailer.
Looking for 1 Platinum rim, message me if you have 1 for sale.
Looking to buy a dark grey or black center console lid for my 2014 explorer. Please pm me with price and pics. I can pick up locally in the California Bay Area - anywhere between San Mateo and San Jose. Further I’d need the part shipped.
Hello everyone, I just removed this rear center console with built in refrigerator/freezer from my 2019 Ford Explorer Sport (lease is ended/being turned in) it is actually a console from the Ford Flex, but they are identical and it fits the explorer perfectly 2011-2019, only the Flex console came with the built-in refrigerator option. This one works, and is in beautiful shape cosmetically, and functions, and I even am including a custom fabricated wire harness/fuse tap that I made for it. I have some pictures of it shown here while inside my car, but it has already been removed and I can produce more pictures if desired. Please, serious inquiries only, this is a rare item, and obviously due to its size and weight shipping would be very...
Hi new to the forums thanks for having me. Im looking for the black leather versions of the 60/40 second row bench seats for my explorer. it is a 2017 and its hard to find that model year with the head rest. I have found a couple 2014 that look to be in decent shape but unsure if they will fit/match my 2017. can anyone confirm if the 2014 60/40 seats will work in the 2017?
So here is my dilemma. I'm looking for a 17 - 19 Explorer XLT radiator grille, sport appearance, so it's the slatted type and not the hexagonal (honeycomb) style. Needless to say mine cracked in two places when i slid on ice into a snow bank. I'm not willing to spend the outrageous price Ford wants for this part when I can get the other style for nothing, 7 days a week. Almost $800 for a piece of plastic! Outrageous! Pretty much bs how much they are trying to get for this part. I'm hoping someone has one of this style out there that may be willing to part with it, or perhaps knows the part number so I can try to find this one myself, but unfortunately the part number for the listed on Fords own part site (part# 8200) is of no help...
Hey All, I recently traded in my Ex so I have the Amerihood Functional Ram Air hood up for grabs. Ideally, local pick up would be great, its a freight ship so Im not totally interested in arranging that. The hood is not painted, gel coated but does have a wrap on it. Easily take that off and get it painted to match your ride. $500 OBO
Hey! I recently bought this leveling kit and decided I'd go a fancier route. It's brand new, all packages are still sealed as you can see in the photos. First $100 takes it, shipping UPS Ground is included.
Working on some projects and needs the rear spoiler that have the opening to house the FPIU OEM traffic advisors. Possible part number HB5Z-7844210-AA (got it from the dealers, but have not confirm if it is correct). Anything from 2016 - 2019 will be fine. I don't needs the lights but will consider if sold in bundle. Please contact me if you have one or know where to get one. Thanks.
Any one swap out their interior and have drivers seat? Mine was missing when I bought from the auction, doesn't need to be in great condition, will be swapping to leather in the future. Thanks Mike
Hello all- I have a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport with bucket seats in charcoal and was looking to install a second row center console. I have searched the entire internet in search for the part but cannot find it, even multiple websites that say they are in stock have cancelled my order because they do not have them anymore. It is very easy to find it with red stitching or black stitching, however, I am looking for it with white stitching, part number DB5Z-78045A36-AA charcoal/pebble. If anyone would be willing to sell, either in new or lightly used condition, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
fb53-13b626-a is the part number and shipping to elmira ontario canada
Upgraded to AutoLamps; 2016 Factory Headlamp switch (non-autolamp; non-foglight) QuirkParts: PIU Standard Headlamp Switch - Ford (GB5Z-11654-BB) Properly packaged with bubble wrap , for $25 SHIPPED - OB(reasonable)O Sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. Please review the photos thoroughly as what you see is what you get. Accepting PayPal only please. I only ship UPS for tracking and insurance purposes, for both of our protection. I will insure the shipment for total price paid, including shipping.
One more 'my mistake is your gain' - Ordered this by mistake because I am adding an auto-dimming rearview mirror; found Bobs Automotive Mirrors and he made me a custom pigtail (highly recommended this guy by the way - was made and shipped within 1 day, very reasonable pricing!) QuirkParts: Wire Assembly - Ford (CU2Z-14S411-AJA) Properly packaged with bubble wrap, for $20 SHIPPED - OB(reasonable)O Sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. Please review the photos thoroughly as what you see is what you get. Accepting PayPal only please. I only ship UPS for tracking and insurance purposes, for both of our protection. I will insure the shipment for total price paid, including shipping.