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Performance Lighting

Aftermarket lighting. Driving lights, fog lights, rock lights, HID, halogen. Make your Ford Explorer light up the night!!
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Hi there - Being in my fifties, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be in my 20's or 30's. I find the Timberline headlights too dim. The high beams work great, but can't use those all the time. I noticed there was an off-road grill light kit. I'm not sure this is right option for me as I don't do much off-roading. I'm looking for brighter replacement LED bulbs or Headlamps? Has anyone done this? Do you know third-party sources?
I was having real difficulties seeing at night when I was on my way home from late afternoon car shows. The highway leading to our house has no lighting, and neither do our local roads. I'm 61 and have glaucoma, and a cataract in one eye. The LED headlights on our 2020 Explorer have been amazing and I don't have any issue driving the Explorer at night. I did some research on LED replacements for my '60 Dodge and Holley seemed to be the best light. The Holley light fits the original bucket with no modifications, and does not require an external ballast, they are plug and play. Enough words, I'll let the photo do the talking. :D Left is halogen, right is LED. This is lowbeam. High beam is unreal! I can't wait to try them out on the...
i replaced both switches and i still don't have headlights. i even replaced the bulbs. is there a relay and where is it located. thanks
Does anyone know how to make foglights blink with turn signals? I have yellow fogs, so I figured it would look cool. I'm guessing a relay would be needed.
My 2015 Police Interceptor has hard plastic where fog lights should go. Any suggestions on how to open those up to put in fog lights, and which fog lights to put in?
Anyone ever seen some of these in rgb? Trying to find some that ain't a set color, but they all seem to be just only one color. Or something of a similar design that is rgb? or know anyone that can make something like that?
Hey forum, I've searched and searched and cannot find the answer to this. How do i remove the 2nd and third row dome lights on a 2002 Ford Explorer, they seem to sound like they are going to break off.
This is my second and hopefully much more helpful writeup on converting the 95-01 gauge cluster to LEDs. I have tried 3 different types of 12v wedge based 194 replacements and I have finally found the one that puts out enough light and lights up the cluster evenly. Here were my candidates. From Left to Right: Inverted Wedge LED, Refractor LED, SMD LEDs The Results Inverted Wedge LED: Even Light output, but not bright enough Refractor LED: Horribly Uneven light output, Short Lifespan (they started blowing on me) SMD (Surface Mount Diode): Even Light output and very bright (brighter the the 194LL Bulbs) Getting to the cluster: Step 1 Remove the Radio Step 2 Remove the 2 screws (circled in red)...
good evening! is there a way to mount a 20 in light bar to my bumper without a drill to the visible parts? i dont think there is... but figured i ask the smart ones! :)
Hey y'all. I purchased some Hella 500's and the wiring was a breeze. One problem that is giving me difficulty is I have drilled through my bumper to mount them. Here's the problem I can barely get a wrench under there to tighten up the nuts for the lights. Here is a pic of where I am installing the lights. There seems to be a metal peice that runs the length of the bumper around where I have drilled the holes to install my lights. Any kind of news that could possibly help is greatly appriciated. Even taking the bumper off, if it makes it any easier i'm for it. Thanks! P.S. The white is where the metal plate that restricts my space. The two yellow dots are where i've drilled the holes
Hello all. I'm new here and new to Sport Trac's. 2 weeks ago I picked up a 2010 limited and the modding bug has already got me. I want to add a roof basket and some off road lighting. I want to have 4 pods up front and a 6" light bar for left, right, and rear. Does anyone see any issue with the way I plan on wiring things? I want as few wires as possible going up through the roof. I'm going to concentrically twist the power wires into a harness so it will only be the 5 wire power harness and the ground wire coming up through a dual wire waterproof pass through. Here is the specs on the wire I will be using. Also where is a good spot to go through the firewall? Should I just go through...
If you have handle controlled interior lights and they are always staying on and you have the door ajar light on, you are going to love this fix.. It's an easy and a cheap fix, and is the way to perform your maintenance of this switch... Put your fuse and bulbs back in, roll your windows up and get a can of wd40 with the straw...start with your drivers door...from the outside pull the handle up and where the handle goes thru the door, squirt a little wd40 in both those the door and just work the outside handle a few times...go to the passenger door and do the same....thats all there is to it...good luck...:D Update ...If you have an X, You may also need to wd40 your rear hatch latches and If this does not fix your...
Guys, I know I post this again and again, but Im hoping new/different members will see this. For 2003 Explorers. The Puddle Lights under the Side view mirrors! How do I replace the bulbs? ARGGHH!!! I've tried goin to the dealer, but they havent been much help. (Funny right?) There are no visible Torx Screws like the old explorers. Do i have to take my friggin door apart? HALP!!!!
I'm trying to find some harnesses/pigtails that plug into the factory fog light plug on a '99 XLT. I've replaced my bumper with an RLC (LOVING IT!), and want to install new foglights, but use the factory wiring. I just found some a few days ago, but somehow lost the link and can't remember what they're called. Anyone able to help me out? These would be a two-wire harness/pigtail that has the same socket/receptacle that the factory fog light H1 bulb holder has. Thank you for any help you can provide!
Finished these today as my birthday gift to myself. I am in LOVE with them. They make the front of the truck look so much cleaner and crisper. Really, really like them. Not sure how the light is at night, but it looks to be about stock. Gonna throw some Silverstars in 'em a few weeks down the road. Old: New: