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Recommended Aftermarket and OEM Parts and Tools

A forum to share information about aftermarket, and factory replacement parts which you have had positive experience with.
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I need to replace the vapor canister purge valve on my 2017 Explorer XLT, 2.3L Ecoboost. I have looked up the part number clearly printed on the piece to be replaced only to be told by various sites (Amazon, FordParts Online, etc.) that it doesn’t fit my vehicle. What’s up with that?! Part # is 9U5A-9G866-AA If I simply search somewhere like Autozone by year and model I’m shown a part that is not what is under the hood. When I found an exact picture of it on AliExpress it said it was for a 09-14 Expedition. Any assistance in locating the correct part would be greatly appreciated.
This works best for straight axle swapped (SAS) rigs. I have always had trouble and no confidence in tape measure alignments with larger aggressive lug tires. There are just too many variables. I saw this toe alignment tool and decided to give it a try as it was reasonably priced and should last forever. It didn't come with any instructions. It's solid and simple. Two laser cut and folded 1/8" plates. Ruff Stuff states they work for a wide range of bolt patterns, including 5x4.5 and 5x5.5. Tools you will need for alignment: -Alignment tools. -2 identical measuring tapes. -Level. -2 jack stands. -Floor jack. -4 nuts and washers in your stud size (1/2x20). -masking or similar tape...
Hey guys, I have a 2008 ford explorer limited with the 4.6l engine, and I recently had a squirrel completely eat away my main engine harness. I have been searching everywhere to find a replacement but I continue to find that it has been discontinued and there aren’t any used ones available that I can seem to find. If anyone knows where I can find one, help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I'm a casual/diy home mechanic and am looking for a decent but not too expensive scan tool. There are so many brands and models I literally can't sort through them. Amazon is a mess. I have forscan which is amazing but need a tool to work on other brands as well. What features and capabilities should I look for? As I understand I, you need a bidirectional scanner that can handle multiple vehicle brands and see all the modules. Does anyone have any experience with tools in this price range?
Our explorer seems to not absorb impact in rear suspension. The slightest pot hole or anything thumps pretty loud like shocks are worn, but only a couple thousand miles on the explorer definitely does not ride as smooth or quietly as any other new vehicle I have owned ford or otherwise
We made the mistake of opting for the Ford all weather floor mats when we ordered our 2016 Ex LTD in late 2015. But, as soon as we took delivery, we saw that we needed to replace those mats with Weather Tech brand after market mate, like we had gotten in our 08 F150 Screw. They are a must in a region that gets snow in the winter. The Weather Tech prices aren't bad. They're a good value.
Bracket kit only, you supply the saginaw pump. If your tired of the whine of the stock P pump, and have always wanted an easy solution to swap to the saginaw to your 1st or 2nd gen 4.0 OHV, well there it is.... Finally! Grab a used unit from the boneyard, buy a reman, or can even use an aftermarket High Performance Sag TC pump with it.
I have always ordered my parts from Rockauto. Good prices, good warranty service, and generally easy to do business with. Recently, I have issues with them shipping parts USPS. I've had parts take 2 weeks to get here. The last order I placed, I selected FedEx Ground. Well, they shipped USPS. Is anyone else having similar issues? I emailed their customer service and have not heard back yet. If they can't stop using USPS, I'll have to find somewhere else to get parts from. Any suggestions? Dave
Give an honest review of your experience/install/quality, with the brand/style replacement headlight you installed. Please state your year & model for reference. If you have a link to the merchant, install, or personal video of the install to share, please add that as well. Pictures say a thousand words they say, so if you have some, let us see them! Explorer Forum Rating of 1-5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest: Install- easy to hard Looks- poor to excellent Price- low to high Quality- low to high Would you refer them to someone else, or warn them against?