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Recommended Aftermarket and OEM Parts and Tools

A forum to share information about aftermarket, and factory replacement parts which you have had positive experience with.
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I would like to start off this area with two names of aftermarket companies that I think make parts better than OEM. For suspension = MOOG Amazing stuff, lasts longer than OEM And Felpro Their gaskets are even better than OEM These are two companies I have never gotten anything bad or defective from.
We made the mistake of opting for the Ford all weather floor mats when we ordered our 2016 Ex LTD in late 2015. But, as soon as we took delivery, we saw that we needed to replace those mats with Weather Tech brand after market mate, like we had gotten in our 08 F150 Screw. They are a must in a region that gets snow in the winter. The Weather Tech prices aren't bad. They're a good value.
Bracket kit only, you supply the saginaw pump. If your tired of the whine of the stock P pump, and have always wanted an easy solution to swap to the saginaw to your 1st or 2nd gen 4.0 OHV, well there it is.... Finally! Grab a used unit from the boneyard, buy a reman, or can even use an aftermarket High Performance Sag TC pump with it.
Anybody try after market valve cover for the 4.0? If so can u give me some tips
I normally try to stick with just OBD2 vehicles, but now owning a obd1 vehicle I need a scanner for it. I don't mind spending good money if it does extra useful things. So what is everyone using?
I have always ordered my parts from Rockauto. Good prices, good warranty service, and generally easy to do business with. Recently, I have issues with them shipping parts USPS. I've had parts take 2 weeks to get here. The last order I placed, I selected FedEx Ground. Well, they shipped USPS. Is anyone else having similar issues? I emailed their customer service and have not heard back yet. If they can't stop using USPS, I'll have to find somewhere else to get parts from. Any suggestions? Dave
Give an honest review of your experience/install/quality, with the brand/style replacement headlight you installed. Please state your year & model for reference. If you have a link to the merchant, install, or personal video of the install to share, please add that as well. Pictures say a thousand words they say, so if you have some, let us see them! Explorer Forum Rating of 1-5, 1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest: Install- easy to hard Looks- poor to excellent Price- low to high Quality- low to high Would you refer them to someone else, or warn them against?
What do you think about parts made in China? Let us know your opinion. Cheap bad good made of lead idk what have you tried on your doing Chinese led lights.... Only thing I like from China led lights. Some reason Chinese led s are super cheap and reliable.
Hello everyone, I have a 2010 Ford explorer and my key fob that i bought has stopped working, this is my third key fob that has just stopped working. I replaced the battery and did the programming instructions thinking i needed to reprogram the remote, but this has not worked. The car will go into programming and when I press the buttons on the remote it makes me think it has programmed, but when i exit out of the programming and try the remote, it will not lock or unlock the car. Any help is much appreciated!! Thank You!
I have a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with factory hard tonneau cover. The cover for the key latch is missing. I live in Battle Ground WA. does anyone know where I can find the key latch cover. Just want to keep my sport trac looking good.
Check engine light came on, found myself with a p0420 code. Should I bother messing around with a new oxygen sensor, or should I take it into a muffler shop and see what they recommend? I've had one of the cats repaired already.
Hey all, being a Ford and Lincoln driver in Europe with no dealersupport available, finding parts is an adventure. I do have a well know supplier, been with them for years but over the last year on almost every order i get an e-mail about "special order" parts (not as far as i can see) and shipping is therefor delayed, sometimes by 2 to 3 weeks. Any recommendations? Should be great if i can see stock positions so i can choose if i want to wait for special order or find another shop. Thanks!
Hello! Ok so I now have a very small radiator leak on the side by the plastic side. I would really love to get a thicker radiator. I would love the brass/copper type like in my camaro but I reallydont think that is an option. So the next best thing i can see are those nice 3 row radiators with i believe are aluminum sides. Plastic siding is not my favorite. Can anyone tell me how well they do fit? I have a separate tranny oil cooler so I dont have to worry about any fittings. Will the cooler be in the way since its in the middle on bottom? Also if anyone can steer me to a site/ listing. There are so many out there Ive been jumping around all over looking but everyone knows what happens...stuck and by that time Im off looking...
2010 sport trac ,does anyone sell poly or OME replacements . Cant find sh-t.
If you ever need to remove the rear carrier pin bolt, and find that your bolt is broken, You quickly realize you cant get a traditional drill bit to reach it, this is the solution. From the Skyway Tools website: For GM and Ford integral rear ends. The problem of removing broken differential pinion shaft lock bolts in GM and Ford integral rear ends has an easy solution. This extractor kit has been specifically designed for this purpose and is now available. Comes with everything needed, so a standard drilling and extracting procedure can be accomplished in approximately five minutes. Removal of broken differential pinion shaft lock bolts in GM and...
Looking for a set that fits as close to the vehicle as I can find, kinda like OEM. Anybody have suggestions for a/m closest match?