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RV / Trailers / Camping

Stic-o Class C RV. Say hello to Sunny🌞

Well it's been a long time coming (although probably not the best time with gas prices 😮‍💨)

We finally bought a Motorhome.

2018 Forest River Sunseeker on a E-450 chassis.

*V-10/ 6 -speed
*28' (which really means 30'🙄)
*2 slides Kitchen/living and rear bedroom
*Outdoor Kitchen/ TV
*Rear and side cameras
*Tons of upgrades

Bought from a private owner who runs a RV repair place in the OC, and this was there private unit that they factory ordered.

Her name was Sunny, which we plan to keep...

Adventure trailer build thread.

Rated "I/A" for Immature Adult content! Stop, and close this page if you can't handle Silly, foul, and obnoxious adult content!

This is not a common build here on this forum, but this build is part of another long term build, that has been going on for 10 years now. I feel it is fitting to share this build here, since so much of it's companion is documented on EF. This thread is as detailed as my patience has allowed. I want to be able to help others that...

Stic-o's Hybrid Travel Trailer

We picked up a few weeks ago a new to Hybrid Travel Trailer. We liked the Pop Up, but it just didn't work for us. Can't stop anywhere and just sleep for a few hours, or run back to the bathroom, or grab a cold drink. We also don't stay in one place very long most of the time, and it's gets old real quick setting up the pop up after 10-12 hrs of driving just for the night. This just another step in our road to a motorhome, but will do for now.

2005 Flagstaff (Forest River) Shamrock 19'...

RV Battery Wiring with Inverters/Chargers

I had mentioned on one of my threads (Purchasing 46.5 Acres Near Kingman, AZ) that I had the inverter/charger fail on the RV while camping. Its a Prosine 2.0 made by Xantrex and lasted about 15 years so I can't complain. I purchased a new unit from Xantrex and its being shipped. Most of the camping I do is dry or boondocking. RV has 600 watt solar system along with the inverter so it does very well for extended stays off grid. I pulled the old unit out and don't like the way the...

RV Fridge/Freezer Needs More Air Flow, SOLVED (Maybe)

Last time I was dry camping it got warm, high 90's. I noticed that the RV freezer was not freezing water bottles overnight like it usually does. Its a Dometic double door fridge that usually works great. The sun was on the fridge side of the RV most of the day the way it was parked, which was a bonehead move on my part.

I read up on the electric/propane combo fridges and there were several posts about tight clearances around the back of the fridge not allowing enough air flow. The space...

RV Propane BBQ Fix

Last trip out with the RV I noticed the BBQ was in need of some TLC. The heat, tent, shield, burner protector plate was falling apart. Its stupid thin plate with a bunch of stamped slots in it so its days were numbered from the start. I priced out new grills but they are all at least $100 for what I would want. Nothing special, just a small BBQ for the RV. I decided to give it a good cleaning and see how it looks. The grill is in otherwise excellent shape so I dug through my scrap...

Stic-o's Pop-Up Trailer

Last year I sold my Truck and Camper, as it was just getting to tight for the family. The plan was to get a Class C motorhome, but it's just not in the cards with the world in it's current state. So we decided to do a trailer for now, for the family. Yes, I know I tow two things at once, but this is a stepping stone for us so we can still do some traveling as a family.

So on to the details. This is as big as they come in the pop up world. It huge! 20 ft. long closed, at 3500 lbs. dry...


I had an almost impossible list of requirements to get a trailer: (1) must be short enough to fit in our driveway. (2) must have a 3 piece washroom with holding tanks. (3) have hard sides. (4) ability to sleep 5. I found it, but it has a very special and dedicated following, the Trailmanor.

For some reason, I can't figure out how to post images from my computer, so all I can do is post links to factory images: Videos

Set up is truly simple. It takes more time to level, attach...

camp stove issues

I am still old school in the fact that I do most of my camp cooking on a coleman green propane 2 burner stove. The last couple times I used it, however, I noticed that it only burned on one setting... hellfire. I tried a new regulator and am having the same issue. Has anyone else dealt with this and know where I should start poking around to fix it? I hate to buy another as it has been a good stove.

Thanks in advance!

Military 101/Off Road Adventure Trailer


Well after a few years of wanting one of those military trailers that you see in the WW2 flics being towed behind a jeep, I finally got one. Not that particular one which is the M416 but one that I like better, the later model M101. It's a little larger, plus it's got a flip down tailgate. A lot of surface rust but structurally sound.
Only on spot that is rusted thru. Nothing I can't fix.


8' long 5' 5" wide with a Pintal hitch. You know it's tuff...

Ditch those 7 pin connectors - EZConnector Something much better!

My off road trailer build

Well I've gotten it to a respectable state that I can actually post pictures of it now.

Check Those Spare Tires Kids!!!


Here goes...

Who has checked the air in the spare lately?


Bosslady had a bolt in her tire, like a good drone I went to her work site and pulled the suspect tire and put the spare on till I could get the tire fixed the same day.

Good Idea NO! not if the spare is almost flat!!!!

Jack is now stuck so I managed to get it out.

All Good.


yostyexplorer94's camper frame trailer build

Bearing replacement reference for my trailer-

Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L68149 - L68149
Replacement Race - L68110 - L68110
Replacement Trailer Hub Bearing - L44649 - L44649
Replacement Race for L44643 and L44649 Bearings - L44610
Grease Seal - Double Lip - ID 1.719" / OD 2.565" - for 3,500-lb Axles - Qty 2 - RG06-050

I found this on craigslist. It was an old camper that he stripped down to the frame, sand blasted, and primered it. I...

Upgrading TV's to LED in RV

My latest project is to upgrade the TV's in my 2005 Winnebago class "A" to LED. I have wanted to do this for awhile for viewing pleasure, and to update the look of the coach (most 2007's and newer have flat screens). I forgot to take some "before" pictures, but a found a few of the front TV.



You can see how the old TV mount hung down and partially blocked the view out the windshield when standing in the coach.

I picked up a 32" Samsung today from...