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Sport Trac - Ranger - Street Trucks

Photos of members Explorer - Mountaineer - Sport Trac - and Ranger Street Trucks!
I was looking around about what to do with my sport, when I saw a type of "drift" wing, did some reserch and found its called the saleen explorer wing. Well I would like to findout where to get it from because I cannot find it anywhere, please someone help me out here.
It's still stock except the limo tint and tribal license plate frame.. LOL dash trim, air intake, exhaust and 20's are coming before summer 05..
Hello All. I guess it's time to finally have a registry page for Blue. But first, a little about myself. My name is Russell Darnell. I'm 17, and I live in Mustang, Oklahoma. A.K.A. Indian Wasteland. But back to Blue. He's a 1992 Eddie Bauer Explorer, and as Monster Garage said 'with a major personalitity change'. This post will be the transformation a stock explorer, into one, very nice and unique, vehicle. It all started in December, 1991. Wilson Foreman, the son of a woman who...
At Road Atlanta this last weekend. In case anyone is familiar with RA, my time was a 2.06.734 which is really not that slow. 10 seconds off most of the American Iron race cars. Average speed around the 2+ mile track was 70mph. Ahh, good times. :chug:
these are from spring showdown , the body work is still not finished BUT atleast its not as bad as those other picts, also got the brakes painted, interior and system done. i also forgot to take pics of the shaved hatch / rollpan
Howdy - I've had my Explorer for almost a month now and I love it so far...As soon as I saw BlackMagics truck I knew I was in trouble and the mods began...hahahaha. I'm In central Texas if any of ya'll happen to be from this area IM me at RedAggie03...Later :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D You can see my Sony 1200 watt monoblock amp through the grill KC's :eek: Yes, FIPK II chillin under the hood...I love it. Cobra wheels...
1996 EX Sport OHV K&N FIPK gen 1 Pro-M 75mm maf BBK 66mm TB JET chip JBA headers JBA 9mm plug wires Bosch plat 4 plugs Flowmaster 40 series catback EE Lowering kit Edelbrock shocks Energy suspension bushing EE Swaybars (F&R) Regeared my rear to 3.73 from 3.27 Powerslot rotors w/ hawk pads 20x8.5 rims and Goodyear Eagle GTII tires 275/45R20 Billet grille and bumper grille Diamond Clear corners Euro tail lamps Diamond headlights with 6000k HIDS EE hood Scoop El-Glow...
My Supercharged 99' Mountaineer 5.0! Hey guys! As you can see this is my Mountaineer, I'm working on upgrading the engine a LOT over the summer, but here's a few pictures of it as it stands now! All the detailed specs are at or my vBGarage! Here's most of it: ENGINE\DRIVETRAIN: Gibson Swept Side Exhaust Superchip Model 1715 Tuner Highest Performance NO-TOW MAC chrome intake and conical filter Baumann Stage 3 Shift Kit Explorer Express Eaton Roots...
tjnap250f's 98' explorer 98' custom explorer//JL//alpine Not done yet. i have plans for an explorer express airdam and hood and to paint the side steps and mirrors to match the green. EXTERIOR: -Cobra R 17x9 wheels -275/60/17 toyo proxes s/t -piaa 1500xt fog lights -optronics chromium burner series -Windjammer -Rain guards -Speed Grille -Clear Corners -diamond cut headlights -Superwhite marker and parking lights -7500k xenon headlights -altezza taillights... my 93 limited ,1996 mustang 17" cobra wheels,245/65 17 bfg rugged trails.
Hi, I have a 1993 2wd explorer that is going to be set up for street. here is a link to some pics. it is not much now but it is getting along. Tell me what you think, suggestions are also great. thanks
My '01 Sport - updated 7/16/06 She is no more. Returned to stock and up for sale.
Hey all, been kinda lurkin on the site for a few months. It's sad to not see so much activity in the sport section :( Anywho, this is my 2002 x sport I bought in December with 35K miles on it for a great price. It's auto with no 4x4 and I absolutely love it. I have plans this summer to have the grey cladding painted and to add the mustang style scoop as well as install the new rims I purchased (waiting for winter to end here in Ohio). But for now she's bone stock aside from an...
Here is my 2001 sporttrac lowered on 22's. You can also see my other car in the pics its a 02 subaru WRX.
Its been awhile since I posted pics here. I haven't done much more but I have lowered it and put a EE air dam on. I will be putting new nu image gauges in to replace the crappy indiglo's. I also have some cross drilled and slotted rotors that I got from Draft. Here are a couple of pics tell what you think.