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Sport Trac - Ranger - Street Trucks

Photos of members Explorer - Mountaineer - Sport Trac - and Ranger Street Trucks!
2002, 5 speed manual, same ole same ole, I really enjoy this ride though, I average 20mpg or so per tank and drive the wheels off of it, I like it alot more than I thought I would, it now has 14K on the clock and runs great ( I bought it new Jan, of 03'), I have cut the breather element box for more air flow and thats all, K&N filter soon to come.. Had to get the bra to cover up a boob boo I recieved when my brother pulled in front of me... caved in the side of his t-bird... small...
Hello all. I just picked this up about a week ago & am currently fixing minor problems with it. But as always I plan on doing some work. Right now it's all stock, down to the dirty air filter. But in really, really good shape. I dont plan on going crazy with it, just nice simple upgrades( dont we all just say that:) ) .Right now all I have done to it is a Clifford G4 alarm system & a simple system that suits my needs. Consisting of a pioneer hu, BA door speakers & a 8" bass tube in the...
My Ebay "no reserve" special. :p Living in Alaska, we were soon to move to Vegas for my wife to attend UNLV, so we searched around for a smaller vehicle for the big city. We were currently driving a F350 extended cab dually with the V10, which seemed a little large for Vegas. We settled on a Sport Trac, and found this Island Blue available on Ebay with no reserve, so I thought, "what the hell, lets see if I can't get this thing cheap." We ended up buying it for 15K, which was 5-7K...
Check it out. I might sell it...just not sure yet. I got the Mustang fever.
Here it is. Here it is after i took my bugguard off. Later i took off my door side moldings. plan on taking roof rack off when i get back. The newest toy.
Hi all! I just bought a '94 ex-sport (2 door) and was wondering of any ideas anyone has for mods. Almost everything is stock except the CD changer. Any help is appreciated!
well I finally got a digital camera, so heres some pics. tell me what you think!!
I have been a part of Explorerforum for quite some time but for some reason have just recently started visitng the Sport pages. Although my Ex is 4X4, since day one ( under my ownership ) it is a street Ex. I will drive into opposing traffic to avoid a water puddle !! Any way, here is my ditty list. Custom grille inserts ( not billit ) SIlver Stars, Clear corners ( Still not yellow ) Black Ford emblem AVS bug deflector 2 Opened air box with K&N ( MAC comming soon ) B&M Tranny...
Many have seen it, but I was wondering how to get on the home page of Any ideas ???
Black 2001 Explorer Sport. My newest addition. 2001 Explorer Sport I Would Appreciate It If You Would Give It a Rating On CarDomain. Thanks.
Still have to get it lowered and still have to get the pinstripes off but its getting there.
Yep, she might be in there... they like :D
This is a picture of a truck that looks just like mine. It's a 2000 Saleen XP8. I saw it at the Seattle International Auto Show and tracked it down to a dealer. It's number 12 of 18 made that year. It's missing the window sticker now because I thought it looked hideous. It's a normally aspirated AWD. I've been thinking about a blower (Kenne/Bell) but can't quite justify the expense. (I know. Why be rational?) Anyway, that's all I can think of right now. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Folks I would like your input...... I bought my 02 xsport in Aug of last year and was completely thrilled with what I got. Was exact color and options that I wanted. I had it brought 250 miles from a different dealer than the one I purchased it from. I joined this board and have found so much useful info and tips from all of you and became very excited about all of the potential my new x has. But, some things have come about that have been very discouraging to me. In less than a...
Well to start off here a list of some of my mods... first is the eye cather the 20" KMC Stealths wrapped in Goodyear Eagle GT-II's, next we the fully functional Ram-Air, 3" Exhaust with a OBX Tip, Flowmaster Muffler, Clear Corner's, White Face Gagues, AC Intake Filter, Custom Made Cold Air Intake Pipe (sorry no engine pics right now), Custom Pin-Striping, UnderBody Neon (blue), and Strobe Lights, then the (((Sound))) 4 15" Rockford Fosgate Subs (over 160 db) powered by 2 PowerPunch 800a2...