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Sport Trac - Ranger - Street Trucks

Photos of members Explorer - Mountaineer - Sport Trac - and Ranger Street Trucks!
hey, registered in the main registry a long time ago but i'd thought i'd post here as well. -95 XLT with usual stuff in my signature. future mods (hopefully, i need money tho) - 2 inch drop in the front/ 1 inch in the back - rims (i SERIOUSLY need money for these) - shocks - new leafs (i'm getting into the whole suspension thing) - painted trim - wheel well billet trim (forget what the official names of these are, i know they're "ghetto" but i think they look good) - redo...
Tell me what you guys think i need more picks now that its lowered though EDIT: link: check it out and leave me a message with what you think.
Finally i got pics of the X now the Rims aren't on yetty but check out the site All done by me...cobras chrome will be on in about 2 weeks need tires hehee got a ques how come no one gets low profiles on the cobra r's
Thanks, its Ford SVT Deep Pearl metallic. Its the same color they paint the 2002 Focus SVT and the Cobra's.
Hi, I'm Darnell. Iv been an EXPLORERUNDERGROUND person for about 3 years. Im now on my second Explorer. It is a 98 Eddie baure 4x4 with the sohc 6. Mods include: Brushed Billet grille, clears in the front and altezza's in the back, custom window tint was done by Beane Customs in Sherwood, AR. The tint has flames done in bronze tint with black tint over it. So basiclly I have flame tint. Which goes well with my Flame gauges. Audio wise before the break in last November was Alpine cva-1005...
Hi everyone. I know my Explorer isnt all that modded yet, but its a start and a base I can build upon for a street X. Heres some specs: 1995 Explorer Limited 4.0 OHV V6, K&N Filtercharger Jasper tranny BFGoodrich AT KO's All options Air shocks MTX subs, Alpine amp, Scosche wires Custom steering wheel Neon-look fogs in bumper Some other stuff.... It may not be as cool as some are, but it sure is shiny! Future mods: 17" Ford Motorsport Cobra R's (not...
20's on the way...
figured id post a pic.. Dead Link Removed
This is my 1993 Explorer Sport 4x4. Check out my page here for more pics and a spec sheet.