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Tools and Garage

A forum to discuss tools and shop setup.
I ran across this on another board (yes, there are others :))... I never thought it could be this bad using carb/brake cleaner.. ~Mark
I know I know, this is the last thing you want to hear about. In shop class you'd always waste the first day going over safety, ear protection, eye protection, and all that crazy stuff -- but it's all for a purpose. This thread will talk mostly about safety in the garage and with tools. I understand that most of the members on here work in the driveway, garage, or heck - even apartment complex parking lots. No matter where you are, you need to be safe and take precaution. Facts: -Vehicles, equipment, and many parts are very heavy; their weight can cause server injury. So when you think about lifting that 5R55E transmission by yourself, think again. -Many parts of a car become very hot and can cause severe burns. So, don't go...
What covering do you have on the floor of your garage/workshop? I am in the market for a new floor in my garage. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks in advance ......
Couldn't find a place to put this question! Hoping to take a 400 mi round trip around a week from now, if I can get the wrinkles out of my plans and my Ex! Need to get a jack, jack stands, a tire inflator, maybe an extra battery for camping/possible jump start, later a trickle charger and small cooler. What do you like for jacks for instance? Walmart, Harbor Freight, somewhere else? Low budget but don't want something that breaks/is hazardous.
Have I posted this monstrosity ? ( excuse the mess in the left locker. It is better now. )
Have a tire balancer I've been using forever and it's taken a dump on me. Pretty sure it needs a capacitor as it was working fine and when it went to start up it just buzzes and slowly turns. There are 2 capacitors inside the unit and they are stud mount with 2 terminals each. Can anyone help me find a place in the US I can order them from?
Iknow this isnt the first time i have brought this up, but i feel that tool safety is important and often over looked. I also feel that its important to learn from ones mistakes and hope that you can lear from mine. Im typing this solely with my right hand after just getting home from holy name hospital, in teaneck nj. Im going to attempt to recount my day as best i can but it all happened real quick. i had done some heavy work to clearance the left fender and pleased with the results igot to work on the right side. i transfered the measurements i wanted over to the pass side, and got to cutting. i was moving quicker then the left as all the figuring was done. lesson 1 should have been to treat it with the same care i guess. I was...
Hey Everyone, I have an older Craftsman Garage Door. Recently we have been having issues getting it to open. Only opens if we are super close to the garage door or inside the garage door. I have a newer craftsman garage door opener on my other grage door and it works perfectly fine. Its not batteries in the remotes, we also have the built in homelink in our vehicles. I've read online that LED bulbs can cause interferance with garage door openers. I have installed a led bulb inside the house, but when its off the garage door still does not work correctly. Then a read that a person had motion LED night lights in their hallway that caused inteferance with their garage door opener. Which I do have inside my daughters bedroom and the...
At one time, owning a 3D printer was something only colleges, large companies, universities or wealthy people could own. Now with low priced machines comparable to the cost of an average ink or laser printer, it's been in the price range for the average person to own. There are many people uploading their designs for people to print or remix into something else. Here's an example of a tool which I made by remixing two designs: Driver handle for a Harbor Freight 06770 gasket punch set. by BrooklynBay
A small tool purchase turned into a whole new workbench and storage shelves. I had a small refrigerator that was wasting space, as well and the workbench that was there, was built by my step-dad in ~1984. So, after doing some measuring, I headed to Home Depot for some my supplies and went for it. I made each shelf and the workbench top as frames, that mounted to the wall, and then legs on the outside to level them out. It definitely strong enough for what I'll be using them for. My garage isn't drywalled at all so it was easy to use the studs to mount the frames to. I made my cuts, Pre-drilled all of the holes and then used 3" screws to secure them. It took me about 5 hours by myself. Without really having woodworking knowledge or...
Hey there is this bolt that I dont know what it is and I would like to know what it is.
My explorer has rust problem that I would like to take care of. Any suggestions for good beginning welding tools for a do it yourself er?
Does anybody on this site own hydraulic ramps like these: 2pc Hydraulic Vehicle Car Ramps 10,000lbs Capacity Portable For Car Repair Black | eBay
Am looking into purchasing a orbital polisher. Want opinions on what you may have, or used. Any input would be appreciated. Have looked at Griots, Torques, Flex, and Rupes. Thanx
After checking the specials on the Micro Center's website, I saw that they had some open box specials on 3D printers in my local store. They keep marking down these returned items until they are sold, so I actually received another mark down as it was being purchased. I contacted the manufacturer before I made the purchase in the store, and they told me that the parts it needed were available. After emailing the warranty department with photos, and a detailed description, I found out that they don't have any warranty on used items from third party vendors! I wasn't told this when I called them, and didn't see this mentioned anywhere on their website. Now, let's get to the good part. The printer is made by a company called Robo. The...