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Towing, hauling, boats, campers, trailers etc... Trailer hitches, weight distribution, hitch ball, safety chains, tow bar and brake controllers. Discuss it all here!
Ill start the show with my pic-
I found a great article on here. Trailer Brake Controllers An electric trailer brake controller is a device that supplies power from a vehicle to a trailer's electric brakes. There are two types of electric brake controllers - Time Delay Activated ("solid state") and Proportional ("pendulum style"). Although the controllers' methods are different, both types of controllers are very similar. Both allow the user to adjust output or braking power. Both have a pressure...
I saw this post in the Expedition Forum and thought it would be helpful here as well. Many people have no idea how to determine what they're vehicle can tow. Using your owners manual or manufacturers towing guide is the best way to get an idea. You may even find the info you need on a sticker in the glovebox, on the inside edge of your door, or under the hood. There are many factors which determine your vehicles towing ability like wheelbase, engine size, rear axle ratio, etc. There are...
I've been looking through the tow rig forum and I realized that though many many threads mention Weight distribution hitches and even recommend them, not one of them goes into what they are, or how they work. Though I do not claim to be an expert on the subject I am aware of the concept of what makes them work. I'm also aware that anyone can look it up on Google (as i did). But this is the tow rig forum, there should be a place to go for simple questions like this. As I'm retired, and have...
Summary; 02-05 Explorer Trailer Wiring Explorer Towing Capacities Trailer Brake Controllers Explained Frame Mounted Trailer Hitches Make sure you cross those safety chains How To: Installing a Transmission Temperature Gauge Transmission Temperature Gauge Leaf Spring Upgrade Axle Codes Decoded No cut flush mount 6pin trailer plug
This is a new section for Explorer Forum, so I want to know what do you want to see in here? Let me hear it!
I have a 2014 XLT Explorer. I want to pull a travel trailer. I don't want to pull anything too heavy, but would like to find something between 2500 to 3500 lbs. dry weight. It has a 3.5L engine.
I'd like to post some actual towing experience rather than say what the towing guide states. I'm towing a 19' hybrid RV with a 2017 3.5 non turbo AWD with factory trailer pkg. I am about 400 lbs below max weights loaded. This rig handles great. Power at take off is wonderful BUT at Highway speed the 6 speed is constantly shifting. At 60ish on the flat it may hold at 2500 rpm (too low imo). At every overpass it downshifts to 3500 rpm. If there is ANY headwind it stays in the 3500 rpm gear...
Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and have a question. Unfortunately, I must retire my 1993 Ford Explorer XLT due to expensive motor repair and/or replacement. I purchased a 2001 Mercury Mountaineer that doesn't have an underneath tow rig package and would like to know if the 1993 tow rig would fit on the 2001 Mountaineer. Thank you.
My 2020 dot Explorer pull a 4000 lb trailer. We have gone over mountains an pull for three months. Running from winter. This car is a four cylinder and I still can’t get over the power. Transmission is nice. Ford has a very good car for pulling a trailer. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this car is. Thank you Ford.
I use my 2003 Explorer XLT 2wd to tow my 20 ft. enclosed racecar trailer. The Explorer tows beatifully but I can not find any good towing mirrors. I have used the strap on CIBA mirrors but they wear out/fall off too frequently. Does anybody make after market or custom mirrors for the Explorer? Has anyone done a custom conversion? Bud Byrnes [email protected]
So I know it's illegal and I'm not saying im doing it, but in a theoretical sense, would a gas engine towing performance increase with an EGR turned off? Or would I cause problems with heating things up too much? Again just in theory. I couldnt find a single resource with any info on gas engines, towing and Egr Turned off and now I'm just curious.
Hi All, Do you think I can safely tow a micro minnie with my 2020 exp? 5600lb tow cap. Interested in a 2306bh which is 4500lbs.
I am looking at CIPA mirrors but can not find any that will match my truck. 2007 F150 etc. are listed and even Expedition, but nothing about Explorer. I am looking at the 1180 model. It looks like it will fit, but I thought I would ask in case someone here has them or knows for sure. Thanks,
Hi all, just completed a trip with my 2020 Explorer ST. Towing a Micro Minnie 2100bh trailer. Trailer UVW is 3800lbs / 430lb tongue weight. Had no problem pulling and stopping it. Averaged over 15mpg on the highway at 100*.
Hello All, I have a 2010 V6 Ford Explorer. My wife and I are looking at campers and I want to make sure we don’t get something too big or that we aren’t prepared for what we find. So please help. I have ordered this Class III to put onto my explorer. With this being a Class III it says the tow capacity is 5000, but also says that with a Weight Distribution System, the capacity can be 8000. But the sticker inside my driver’s side door...
FYI to get a Ford dealership to program your Explorer for neutral, you have to give them the instructions. They don’t know how to do it without these instructions which is crazy to me. I have my Explorer 97- to 2001 Neutral tow kit on eBay, I bought it just for the stupid instructions to give to the dealership to program my neutral tow. They did it without any problems. The kit is the original OEM tow kit from 1997. Has all instructions, warning labels to place on vehicle and tow switch...
I will be pulling the Explorer with my RV, and purchased the Neutral Tow kit from Ford. I'm not able to find the connector that the indicator light is supposed to plug into. Anyone know where I can find it under the dash?
Just sold my Tacoma and am looking for a new vehicle that will need to tow my Razor. I'm looking at 2019 sports with the 3.5 ecoboost. I know the tow rating is 5,000 but what am I looking at real world? The RZR and my trailer will be around 2200#. I also take it camping, which between me, my girlfriend, and my gear will add some weight. I live in Utah and there's a lot of steep grades and high elevations. How do you think the explorer will handle it? I'm coming from a Tacoma that I was...
This is your max towing capacity. Meaning all cargo, passengers and weight of trailer and contents included. Don't think you can load up with stuff in the truck and still tow this amount of weight on a trailer!