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    1. 08EddieCA
      I think it does. It’s raining here today rather heavily. Hopefully we’ll get a break in the rain and I’ll get a good warm up and scan the x. More to follow.
    2. Josh P
      @08EddieCA The $56 is just a counter, near the max value is what should be expected when everything is working correctly. For example, if the engine is running 1k rpm at idle and everything is...
    3. CDW6212R
      They were done by TEA, 305/224cfm @.500 lift. Thanks, I'll see them tomorrow.
    4. 08EddieCA
      That is a smooth mirror RA finish. If your block is that well prepped you will have a great Head Gasket seal.
    5. 08EddieCA
      08EddieCA Rebuilt motor. New head gaskets. New uppoer intake manifold gaskets (changed twice for good measure). Cleaned that part of the galley a few times. Oil keeps appearing. Only thing I can...

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