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Photos and video from the trail

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  1. Hacra
    1997 5.0 intake MAF assembly
  2. 08EddieCA
    Looks like a beast on wheels.
  3. 08EddieCA
    Almost lasted 10,000 miles. Very disappointed. I have a spare Cloyes. Love redoing a timing job. Pulling the other valve cover tomorrow. Hope the rear is okay.
  4. 08EddieCA
    Pulled the pan again after a few oil changes with Mobile one plus new heads. The pan is still very clean. Pulled the timing cover off and the block looks even cleaner. Pulled the oil...
  5. 08EddieCA
    Where did you find out how to remove the cluster? Any anti theft issues by removing it? I have an 03 with three bolts that no longer work including blinker indicators.

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