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  1. 08EddieCA
    Solved. Ended up getting the smog certificate from a Star Smog Station. I had three cracked spark plugs. And, I put those plugs in. I wonder if the box of plugs was dropped on the floor or I...
  2. Joel Cady
    @ahouwing Glad you like it! The wheels are Velgen 20x10.5" and the tires are Hankook ST-06's at 295/45R20 w/ 1.6-2" drop on H&R springs and Bilstein shocks/struts.. My explorer is currently for...
  3. domct203
    @GaryWinthorpe Both from eBay
  4. Scotts96sploder
    @LocalGem92 thanks! I was looking into the dodge master cylinder also! Glad to know it works!
  5. LocalGem92
    @Scotts96sploder yes it does bolt in but I would highly recommend not using it. I ended up swapping it out for the factory brake booster mated with a 2001 dodge 2500 v8 master cylinder. Returned a...

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