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JoshC, May 4, 2003
    • Gid-Er-Dun4x4
      How you doin man, I have a 2wd explorer sport and Im tryin to modify it just a tad. You know its funny I live in Columbia SC, and around here I have yet to see an explorer that that was jacked up and done up at all. Much less a nicely as yours is. If you have any comments or tips that you would be willing to share they would be much appreciated. Best of luck to you bro. Lbyars@sc.rr.com.
    • 00Rngr
      Howd u do the suspension.......just wonderin bc i was thinkin bout doin mine like that, mdj1rngr@cox.net thanks
    • JoshC
      Thanks for the ratings guys. You can read all about my suspension on one of the links in my signature.
    • codyr4
      your ex is awesome but i want to lift mine and i was wondering how big of a lift and what size tires you have? id really apprectiate it.
    • JoshC
      Thanks, my lift is custom, a solid axle swap and it's about 8". The tires are 35's.
    • BlackManIrish
      So what year is your explorer, and how come it so high I have been reading and reading and everybody says there just a torsion bar twist for 95-97 explorer's. Info would be greatly apperciated.
    • JoshC
      My explorer is a 97. Take a look at the first link in my signature and you'll see what it sits up a little bit.
    • EX-man
      love the pic...questions though, did you fab your own bumpers or does anybody out there know of a place or vendor that makes new bumpers (front and rear) for 2000 explorers?
    • JoshC
      No i didn't make them, the guy that did my lift made them. Look around on here, people are selling them and or making them all the time.
    • 96x222
      hey id like to know were you got your front bumper if u could email me at skidookid222@yahoo.com and let me know. im looking for one for mine
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