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    Bobby Locs

    Sittin on Crome

    Sittin on 20" Crome... KMC Stealth's, Goodyear Eagle GT-II's

    Sittin on Crome
    Bobby Locs, April 11, 2002
      • bigbadfred
        I love your truck and are those the lund hood scoops on your truck and if so, how did you mount them. Did you use just the two sided tape that came with it or did you do something else and do they stick pretty well even on the freeway.
      • Bobby Locs
        Yes they are Lund Hood Scoops and there only held on with the 3mil tape, and mine are cut open and I run the freeway everyday
      • dec322
        what happens when it rains and you are driving down the freeway? does it mess anything up??
      • Bobby Locs
        I've had no probs sence I've cut the hood and cut the scoops open... They've been on for about 8 or 9 months now...
      • Unregistered
        I like the rims and the scoopes. you say you cut them out.. i take that to mean they are functional?
      • Bobby Locs
        Yes, Fully Functional
      • jughead
        Man can you give me some info on those wheels cuz i have a 99 xlt and those are the wheels i want. So if u could post like where i could get them and the price range for those. Your X is badass.
      • leachje
        You have a really nice X. What I have been looking for are the clear headlamp setups. Where did you get yours and for how much?
      • Bobby Locs
        jughead, I got my rims though my friends shop, and I paid about 400.00 each rim.....

        leachje, I also got my clear's though my friends shop. I belive they were ordered tough carware.com or something close to that, not sure on the name. I paid 80.00 plus shipping....

        and thanks to all that complimented on my X, I'm adding a new photo of the updated truck so hope you all like it....
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      Bobby Locs
      April 11, 2002
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